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After a great afternoon on Kapiti Island, back on the boat. Go by boat to a place where the Wellingtonians relax. Secluded yet wild, Kapiti Island will offer you great New Zealand hospitality and wildlife. The Kapiti Island is located off the coast of Kapiti and can only be reached by private boat. Jackie, our guide, talked to us about everything to do with the island.

According to two Kapiti fishers, they are still fortunate to be still living after their boat keeled over behind Kapiti Island on Sunday.

According to two Kapiti fishers, they are still fortunate to be still living after their boat keeled over behind Kapiti Island on Sunday. The Reikorangi men Noel Cudby and Robert Press were beaten against rock as they were swimming for their life to get to the island. At 12.30 the men tried to lift the anchors when a shaft struck the 5.8 meter long aluminum boat, filled it with running waters and turned it around.

"Cudby said, "It just went so damn fast. You climbed up onto the upside-down fuselage. As they arrived at a secure place and were drying out, Press brought pouches that swam from the boat, torches included, and a vacuum jug with heated broth to support them. Cudby who was first thrown to the other side of the island was grateful to the island horsemen who gave him a pair of tight shoes and snuggled up next to him to heat him up.

They' re flying to Paraparaumu Beach and being judged by medic. Later Cudby was taken to Wellington Hospital in an emergency car with a bad stomach ache and admitted for evaluation over night.

Insomniac on Kapiti Island, and I love it.

It is probably the time we are living, but the ascent to the top of K?piti Iceland was like a true experience. This was not due to the discouraging character of the course, which was impressingly well groomed and definitely led to the welcoming end of the slightly demanding range.

A 20-minute boat trip away from Paraparaumu. Rochelle, my K?piti Island Tours travel book had said when I went. "I' ll see you on the boat. It was inspiring in 1897 that an early edition of Forest & Bird reached the goal to declare the island a protected area.

Swine and stags, cat, possums all 22,000 - and eventually rat were exterminated, and the island was cleared of pests in 1996. It also tastes quite good: part of our natural walking tour with Rochelle was to nibble on the green. But most of all she was talking about them. Although the island is known for the many hundred small kiwis that push and push through the shrubs every single tiny spot every single tiny hour, it foresaw on my lunchtime stroll a sighting of Tuis, weka, Stitchbirds und Saddlebacks, weka, bellbirds und kerer?.

Before being attacked by caca and stolen by Weka, I went on my way. Isle of K?piti has been predator-free since 1996. There was also a delicacy to see unusual Stitbirds - or heyhi, sipping sugared waters at a feedlot - although the peeping Tom in me longed for a look at their pairing techniques, as described by Rochelle.

At last at the top, 521m above a deep blue ocean, foamy whites on the rocks just below, I was welcomed by a promising worka, sparkling gazing at my every move as I was looking in my pocket for my luncheon. Native people are kind and hang on the K?piti Nature Tours Lodge decks.

K?piti Island Nature Tours' boat waited with its platform at the rocky shore and brought us to the north end of the island, where members of the community have owned the only privately owned property in their families for generation. Then the boat will return to the Paraparaumu bath.

We followed her close through the thick vegetation, listened to her striking shouts and saw a building, but unfortunately we did not see any real kiwis - although there were many other species of birds, as well as www.kiwis and duck. You can also visit Takah? and take a walk on the grass. Kapiti Island's northern end has half a doze people.

Sleeping in a marquee was difficult because there were so many birds.

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