The Kai Distribution; a lively and exciting new brand of soft upholstery fabrics. Kai /?ka?/ has different origins and meanings in different cultures: Buy the world's best bath and body care products from Kai at Cult Beauty.

Dr. Kai Xu is Associate Professor of Data Analysis at Middlesex University. CAI Zhang advises a large number of financial institutions on the regulation of financial services in the UK and the EU:

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kai is a popular term in Spanish for "mole" and a variation of the first name Kaio (from the old Roman name Caius, which means "happy"). Kai is a very popular first name in Chinese with one of several connotations, usually "victory" (?/?), "start" or "open" (?/?).

Quay is often used in denominations that mean "Start" (?) in Cantonese Chinese. The Estonian word for quay is a feminine name that means "pier". Kai is a masculine name in use in Finland, the Finish Kaj name. Kai in Frisian is a shortened version of the Frisian "Kaimbe", which means "warrior". Kai in Swedish is a manly name that means "joy".

This is Cajus's motif, which means "Jubilar", and is often used in Wales as an autonomous name because of its use in the Sir Kay articlot. A further variant is Cae, which means "pitch" or "field".

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im Jong-in (born January 14, 1994), better known as Kai, is a Southern Korea vocalist, actress, modeling and dancing. He' s a member of the Exo Boygroup and its subdivision Exo-K. Mr Kai was in Suncheon, Province of Southern Jeolla, Korea, on 14 January 1994[1]. 10Asia (in Korean).

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