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in the Rotuman proverbs of Elizabeth Inia. So far, the words and language of Rotuman are the most. If you pray, you should pray like this: Church does not translate the Bible into other languages. Other Languages - Your site for language and translation.

Lynn Marie Sager - A river worth riding

If you want to live the rapid of a lifetime, you have to stop changing the flow and start learning to transform yourself........ You' ll be taught to investigate the true cause of your frustration. You have to re-define yourself. Understand how to think, act and act.

Teach you to distribute your ressources and understanding the powers of the game. Teach yourself how to draw, promote, comprehend and affect the communities around you. Teach to see the current of the stream and to let your lives flow".

Rotuma, Hanu? Pumue - Anselmo Fatiaki

"The goal of the book was to present different aspects of the Rotuma civilization and the changes facing the modern population. All but three of the writers are Rotuman, who for the first case tell their own stories about the unique nature of Rotuma. Much of the focus is on the relationship networking that is the foundation of Rotuma's socio-policy system.

You are welcome to make a contribution if you speak this language!

You are welcome to make a contribution if you speak this language! The test Wiki is open or validated to be qualified to participate. If you speak this language, you are invited to make a contribution. The test has a current language key. Their surface language is "English" (en). When you are anonymous you can login / register an affiliate profile.

When you are a registred users, you can modify the language of your GUI.

K.O.R.L. - The Rotuman language in the spotlight

Reverend Jare Fatiaki has seen enormous expansion in his ministry since the Rhapsody of Realities Rotuman translation arrived on Rotuma Isle. His first-hand experience of how Messenger Angel has changed life on the islands. A lot of Pastor Jare's members have begun to study their Bibles and attend worship mass.

At one of the worship ceremonies, a man who was HIV-positive and had given up their lives was wonderfully cured when the Orthodox churches were reading from Rhapsody of Realities. The language Rotuman is an austrian language used by the natives of the South Pacific archipelago Rotuma, a Polish language that has been annexed to the Fiji population.

Messenger Angel was converted into the Rotuman language in 2014. The new version of Realities is now available in 660 different versions! Joining efforts to make a difference worldwide by introducing one or more of these now.

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