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Cheap flights from Samoa | Skyscanner Philippines Samoa, formally the independent state of Samoa and formerly West Samoa, is a land that covers the west part of the Samoan Islands in Oceania, in the southern Pacific. Samoa lies just southern of the Ecuadorian Sea, about half way between Hawaii and New Zealand. Apia on the Isle of Upolu is the main town.

Apia, the capitol, is the only town in Samoa. This is the home of the Mulinu'u, the ancient ceremony capitol at the west end of the town. Fiame Mataafa Faumuina Mulinuuu II is also located within the town, which has a bell turret that is used as a monument of battle and also as the centre of Apia.

Situated in the vicinity of the town, there is a magnificent panorama through the early timber coloured colleonial houses that are still spread around Apia. Overlooking Vaea hill, the town and the house (now a museum) of the author Robert Louis Stevenson, whose body was inhumed. Apiaria is also a starting point for the exploration of other places in Samoa.

There you can fly to Asau, Fagali'i and Salelologa. Salelologa and Asau are situated on the Savai'i Islands, the biggest and highest of the Samoa islands and the Samoa group. This is home to the central Savai'i rain forest, which is Polynesia's biggest contiguous rain forest and is home to over a hundred volcano crater and most of the country's indigenous animal and plant life.

Savai'i's scenery is characterised by stunning peaks and the islands surrounding islets are ideal for snorkelling and caving. Coming from Apia main airport you can take a direct flight to Auckland, Honolulu, Nadi, Suva, Pago Pago, Ta'u, Canton Iceland, Funafuti, Vava'u, Brisbane and Sydney. Auckland, another Polynesia resort, is home to the biggest Polynesia people in all the world's cities.

Because of the appeal of the sport Auckland is sometimes called "City of Sails". There are also beautiful windsurfing sites on the western shore of Auckland. Samoa Airport, and Faleolo International Airport, do not currently offer long-haul services. From Apia, however, there are direct connections to the large Auckland, Honolulu, Brisbane and Sydney airport, which offer services to Beijing, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Manila, Abu Dhabi and Los Angeles.

Faleolo International Airport in Apia, the Samoa capitol, is the main gate to and from Samoa. The airport is 40 kilometres northwest of Apia and is serviced by Air New Zealand, Fiji Airways, Fiji Airways, Inter Island Airways, Samoa Air, Polynesian Airways and Virgin Samoa.

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