Highlights of North Island new Zealand

North Island New Zealand Highlights

Must-see Sights on New Zealand's North Island One year in New Zealand gave me lots of free and easy access to this beautiful city. However, due to New Zealand's handy size and natural compactness, it takes less than a year to see most of its splendor. When I would go to the North Island of New Zealand and not have all the free space in the whole wide open space, these are the places and things I really want to do.

These are my highlights from my year in New Zealand. Have fun - there is also a Südinsel-movie! Mount Taranaki, two and a half kilometres high, is the second highest peak on the North Island and a must for your New Zealand trip.

It' probably also one of the toughest walks of the year in New Zealand, so not for the faint-hearted. The volcanic cones were my favorite daily trek in New Zealand, which combined a breathtaking view of the North Island with a demanding one. If you are looking for a trek far away from the masses, you will come across something like the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, with the right outlooks.

Ok, so I just offered you an alternate to this trek, but if you like walking (and this is almost a requirement to visit New Zealand!), then the full-time Tongariro Alps cross is an absolutely must. Ranked by Lonely Planet, and almost anyone you'll be talking to as the number one of New Zealand's hikes of the night, this leads you over the ridge of Mount Tongariro, in Tongariro National Park, a mountainous plateaus that hosts the highest summit on the North Island, Mount Ruapehu.

It is also home to colourful seas, volcanos that represented Mount Doom (complete with vapor - these are live volcanoes!) and North Island vistas that are second to none without helicopters. Yes, it will be during the summers (if you can, attend in the low seasons around October), but take your free moment and savour the view.

New Zealand North Island Eastern Cape must be one of its best-kept mysteries, and an absolute must. In spite of its unbelievable rough beauties and intriguing Maori civilization, less than 1% of all New Zealand residents come here, which is a disgrace as it was one of our favorite pastimes in New Zealand.

I would suggest that you spend two to three working day to do this area justice and give you enough space to discover all the highlights, even the easternmost point of New Zealand. Nowhere is New Zealand more clearly located on the Pacific Ring of Fire than in the city of Rotorua. I would suggest to visit one of the volcanoes, my favorite is Wai-O-Tapu, the "Holy Water".

Rotorua is also the adventurous capitol of the North Isle. They can bungee, skydive, whitewater float, jets and more, with some of the most competitively priced in New Zealand. When all this is a great deal of work, I can recommend a tour to the far north of the North Island.

You will find glittering islets, woods with some of the oldest tree species in the worid and really solid sands. Here you will also want to stay for a few nights, as the journey from Auckland to the far north and back again is at least a thousand kilometers.

However, the advantages are manifold, as the far north offers New Zealand's most moderate climate and a number of attractions. It' not a terrible place to have a winter if you have the chance. Known as Waitomo in New Zealand, the area is renowned for its caverns, some of which are known for hosting tens of thousand of little fireflies that shed an uncanny glow.

After all, if you're not too preoccupied with having a good time roping, raping and fooling around in general - that's New Zealand, you didn't think speleology would ever be anything but extrem? For more information to help you schedule your New Zealand adventures, look no further than my range of New Zealand travel books, which covers everything from looking for free web access to purchasing and sales of a car to the ideal one-month New Zealand travel route.

When you want some basic physics to help you in planning your journey, then the following should help: So these were some of my attractions on New Zealand's North Island. Please let me know in the commentaries below, and have a look at the southern island game!

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