Guam places to Visit

Visiting Guam Places

That is important because it means that many things there cost a little more than in other places. Sights in Guam. We' re Guam's only VIP and black car service. Favourite destinations in Guam. Sights in Tamuning:

Pale Stone Park

Today we take some leisure to discuss the city' s rich heritage and some of the most important sights you should visit here. You should definitely stop at the following three really unique and historically valuable places! All I can say is that I sincerely wish that one of these days your visit here will fill your hearts and souls, and you will be leaving Guam with an outstanding understanding of the story of this astonishing people.

So one of the first places you should pass if you want to experience the historic power that surrounds you is Lattestone Park. It is one of the most important places because these unusual rock columns can be found on the Marianas and are a legacy of the Pre-Contact-Chamorro Societies - the societies of the peoples who are the forefathers of the Guamites.

Primarily used as the foundations on which the straw-covered cottages of the locals were constructed, it is an ideal place to study how the old Guam locals lived. Nowadays, the Lath is considered one of the Chamorro entities and is used in many different ways.

These apparently common rocks are at the heart of Chamorro civilization and ancestry. The other place to visit is the statue of the missionary Padre Diego Luis de San Vitores. Had the Jesuit missionsaries who came to Guam in 1668, but his faith trip ended poorly.

Padre San Vitores' deaths resulted in a total battle that almost wiped out the whole Chamorro family! Today Father Kentenich's sculpture is standing in the yard of the Catholic Tumon Church on San Vitores Road, which is the tragic collapse of two civilizations.

It is also important to know that Chief Mata'pang was persecuted by the Spaniards and that he was murdered on the island of Rota in 1680. After the name Mata'pang was slandered for the event that began the depletion of the Chamorro breed, it has developed into a bad name. It is definitely one of the most important landmarks of Guam and it is well deserving a visit!

The last place I would suggest if you want to know more about Guam's story is the Tailafak Bridge. The Tailafak Bridge, constructed in 1785, is one of the few genuine specimens of Spain's architectural style still standing at its pristine state. You can also take a short walk around and visit other monuments of culture on the islands if you like.

The first catholic church in Guam, the cathedral basilica Dulce Nombre de Maria, two historic fortresses and so on. So these three amazing historic sites should all be on your shortlist if you ever choose to go to Guam.

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