The Tabuk (Arabic: ???? Tab?

k), also called Tabouk, is the capital of the Tabuk region in northwestern Saudi Arabia. I was offered a job on a large farm near Tabuk. Receive the taboo weather forecast. Actual local time in Saudi Arabia - Tabuk. Retrieve taboo weather and area codes, time zone and daylight saving time.

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The name can be a hint of "Tabuka" or "Tabuk". Well, if that's right, the old Ptolemy here is perhaps as old as Ptolemy's age. From then on it has been a gate to Northern Arabia.

It is a land full of antiques and archeological places such as petro-glyphs, epigraphs, fortresses, buildings, ramparts, Syrian-Egyptian pilgrims' path and the remnants of the Hejaz railway, whose central railway is in Tabuk. In the Wadi Dam and in the western part of Tabuk, several hundred villages with rock paintings and epigraphs from different epochs from the Palaeolithic to the Muslim era have been registered.

This was one of the numerous fortresses and stops constructed along the routes of Syria to receive them. On the first level there is an open patio and several rooms, a prayer room, a fountain and a staircase that leads to the watchtowers. It is an archeological symbol of the area and is open to the public.

It' also known as the Repentance Mosque. Finally, his total renovation was ordered by the deceased King Faisal ibn Abdul-Aziz following the model of the Prophet Mosque in Al-Medinah. The temperature in summers is between 26 and 46 °C, in winters between -4 and 18 °C, with heavy frost.

From November to March in the winters there is rainfall between 50 and 150 mm, with some not infrequent snowfall every 3-4 years. Tabuk borders extend from the northern border of northern Jordan to the northern boundary of Al-Medinah Al-Munawwarah and from the Red Sea in the western to the eastern Great Huffapression.

Situated at the crossroads of the Hejaz Mountains with the plain of the south in the Sediment Vall. Tabuk is an important gate in N othern Arabia on the pilgrim and caravane itineraries. The Tabuk is the regional capitol, which comprises several counties such as Al-Wajh, Duba, Tayma, Umluj and Haql.

Sultan Abdul-'Aziz Mosque in Tabuk, at nig.

Trainbooth Tabuk with a railroad line between Madinah and Damascus. Dawn in Tabuk in winters. The Wikimedia Commons has taboo related medium.

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