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It' another Wednesday night in Guam. A great way to get to know the locals by trying their cuisine?! How do the people of Guam feel about North Korea's threats? Savour Guam's most popular dining & tours, including Guam's Best Beach BBQ, at the SAILS BBQ.

The most popular bar in Guam.

Guam local lrish restaurant says "gentle" despite North Korean threats

DER director of an Irishman in Guam said the locals were "very gentle" and not worried about the rocket danger from North Korea. Commenting on the decision, Irish-born Sean Hale said: This 37-year-old is General Managers of Shamrock's Gastropub, one of two US Pacific-based bars in Ireland.

Nordkorea has declared to fire rockets near Guam in a burgeoning threat dialogue with US President-designate Donald Trump. However, from the isle, Mr. Hale, who was borne and grew up there, said that most humans are unimpressed. "There are a bunch of newscasters out here like CNN and they've interviewed people," he said.

While there are some group accentuated active it out, most fitting unfilmed their ordinary being. "Obviously, you always get the kind of paranoids who are very partial. Mr Hale described himself as a "very proud Irishman" and said that many Guam residents have connections with Ireland. "Guam loves all of Ireland and there are many descendents of Ireland - St. Patrick's is one of our most important days out here," he said.

It is a nice place, the locals are very kind and the meal is fantastic.

Native and family in Guam concerned about North Korean threat " CBS Los Angeles

SOS ALAMITOS ( - Uncanny is how a Southland Guam lady on Tuesday described the latest North Korean menace against the United States. She has registered on Facebook from her home in Los Alamitos and notified her friends. I' ve got my mother's and my father's family," said Celano.

Heidi Quenga was struck by the message of a possible rocket attack on Guam. She said it was the greatest she's seen in years. Heavier hurricanes took this group to Los Alamitos a few years ago.

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