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The Dark Eldar are steeped in ancient and unnatural evil. Set A Dark Eldar: Set B Dark Eldar: The ancestors of the Eldar race were once part of their sister species, the Eldar. High-quality Dark Eldar inspired T-shirts from independent artists and designers from all over the world.

Dark-ed Eldar: Mail FAQ Upgraded Lists & Ideas

Has the big 40-k Frequently Asked Questions confused your Drukhari listing, or are you interested in familiarizing yourself with some of the new 40-k Dark Eldar listings? Ho-ho-ho-ho -ho, one days after blogging about the Dark Eldar match and place in the Metro, GW dropped a massive Frequently Asked Questions that covers all of our armed forces and changes the way we are playing the match.

I summarize the most important features of how I will shape my army in the future. Funnily enough, DE didn't make much difference and it really was the other armed forces out there that got a big one. There are many changes here that have a direct effect on the gameplay, but my favourite is probably the three.

is that battalions and brigades are now generating so much CP. Whilst I can appreciate GW's intent here to repair the more elitist armed forces with restricted CP', this will benefit everyone. Finally, the change in reserves alfa strike is not the same with all your army out there.

While some are much more efficient than others, other forces will be made better if these types of attacks are part of their strategy repertory. The only thing I'm really depressed about is the fact that the Farseer, Warlock and Spiritseer have gone up in people. Last evening I was in the process of making a checklist, but now that the FAQ is gone, I will be updating all the checklists I use at once!

PROFESSIONAL BUS: HEAVY: FLYER: Firepower: This is my DE Kabal purely listing that combines the reach of Obsidian Rose with the strength of Black Heart. This is what I call my Black Rose cabal and it has been unbeaten since the codex came out. Lots of gunpowder, lots of grief.

TROOP: HEAVY: Firepower: This is my latest DE + CW schedule and I actually think it's quite straight. I' ve used it before and the combined Doom/Jinx and DE fire power is just crazy. Fire power: This is my melee battle chart with dual bat and a black heart spear. I' m getting some great deadly sessions with my blog dancer Succubus and Hass Eternal Archon.

But I think I'll use that now because I want to use CC arms sometime.

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