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One life at least

"Jennifer L's How to Be Single and Happy". During the day you can see Sydney Harbour in all his majesty, but at night it takes on a whole new dimension. They thought Fluxus died with his founder. However, it has never been so alive in Lithuania. I' ve never been much for breakfast.

Yeah, they saved your life.


Look, I know you probably came here because you think that luck is when you romp under a rainbow and eat those really beautiful candy coins, leaving the hotel on your cushion, but I'm here to tell you that luck doesn't work that way. You know, most folks just think they always have to be good to be lucky.

Luck is not something you can attain. Luck is something you live in. All it takes to be lucky is inside of you today and now. Therefore, bliss is more about eliminating and releasing the confused convictions you have about luck than to add something radical or impressing to your life.

I have some thoughts below about what luck really is and what you can do in your own life to be a little bit luckier - or at least a little less unhappy, which is a good beginning for some to have. If you don't already have it, you can get my e-book on luck below.

Again, group poverty to believe that condition is any examination content that can be attained if you try fitting ambitious relative quantity. It' as if they think that all they have to do is the hidden passwords to the hidden happily everyman clubs and they will be able to go to the hidden happily ever after and their life will not - so hidden - always be serene.

Luck is not a delusional feeling of satisfaction all the while, no matter what, just by thinking harshly enough that you will be lucky. Indeed, to be really lucky, you have to go through a lot of grief and battle. The way you respond to this sorrow and fight will determine your luck.

This is what luck really is - helping yourself and others and resolving issues. The more issues you resolve, the better your issues will be and the happier you are. What issues can you now resolve to make your way to a happy life? One of the first and perhaps most important things to know about life is to stop trying to be so lucky in life.

We' re trying to get more cash and more loving and more sex and more everything outside of ourselves when we really have everything we need to be now, in ourselves. Many of the issues you have are just the ordinary issues of life and you will be fine.

that you can be great at it and put her on your death bed. On the way - as clich├ęd as it may sound - you have to be able to savour the ordinary joys of life. You can' be lucky if you can't. Meanwhile it is clear to most humans that the comparison with others makes in the end only unfortunate.

However, few individuals think beyond this and make conscious decisions about what their own worth is and how they will use it to gauge their own lives. So we get caught in feed-back circuits in our heads, get tied to thought processes or even become hooked and begin to think that life is just a set of self-improvement measures just to pull ourselves through a lousy state.

It' s better to pay more heed to how your thoughts and emotions work. Be more aware of other aspects of your life. Make more of the things that are lucky for you and less of the things that are not. Don't be hanging out with a lot of folks who pull you down when you can hanging out with someone who makes you smile.

Well, I'm not saying if you do all these things today, you' re gonna magic be a luckier man now. Just like everything else in life it' s good to do, luck needs a lot of perseverance and determination. Here is a (long) long article I wrote about luck and related subjects. What is your life measurement?

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