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Further information can be found here: When you can rent or rent a car, take a tour around the island. As the sun kisses, Guam Island is the perfect place to just relax on the beach and do as little as possible. It is also the largest of the Marianas Islands group in the Northwest Pacific. When I visit Guam another time, I choose the Westin Resort without hesitation.

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There' s no limit to what you can do to make an perfect Guam holiday or events, but where's the best place to star? We know that you value meticulous scheduling as an important instrument for making the best use of your customers' paradise hours. Guam Visitors Bureau provides our peers in the tourism sector with a broad instructional program that ranges from Guam's good food, stunning seafood, vibrant international cuisine, world class clubs, and mighty World War II past to many other attraction.

No matter whether you want to stay two or six nights, we can help you create a route that suits your needs and interests. Featuring a multitude of back marketplaces, we can offer you outline, among them weddings, a trip through the sea reserve, a historic excursion to the many World War II locations and a six-day Micronesia trip to show travellers around Guam's neighbouring isles.

Let yourself be inspire and take the opportunity to create the perfect travelling adventure for your customers!

A visit to Guam: Lots of historical and shops

Although the small island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean is a US territorial entity, it has a number of resemblances to the Philippines, from its common past under Hispanic and U.S. settlement to the mere number of Philippine legacy inhabitants. Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) puts that almost a third of the 170,000 inhabitants of the island are Filipinos, making it the second biggest ethnical group in the land after the indigenous Chamorros.

Indeed, as the Cebu Pacific invitation emphasized the minute we left the airfield, Guam felt almost at home, pointing out how similar the island of Subic, Zambales, looks - mainly because of the major streets, as it is so close to the coastline, and because Subic was once one of the biggest US off-shore warbirds.

"The word "Hafa adai" (pronounced as "half a day") is the welcome of visitors with the local Chamorro word "hello", but as we finally noticed after four nights in Guam last November, the salute can be a response to how long it will take to circumnavigate the island - it only lasts half a full half full working afternoon, as Guam has a surface area of only 543 hectares.

Magellan' s story began when the discoverer Ferdinand Magellan from Portugal arrived on the island of Homonhon in eastern Samar on 16 March 1521. Then while Magellan was killed in Cebu just a single mont after fighting Datu Lapu-Lapu in Mactan, his action began more than three hundred years of Colonization in Spain.

Magellan and his team had already arrived in Guam 10 day before Homonhon. In 1565 Guam became a Spaniard settlement. On the south-western side of the island is Umatac, the cove where Magellan and his five ship navy arrived on 6 March 1521. Finally, Guam became an important stopping point for the Manila Galleons - the merchant ship fleets that sail the trade lane from Manila, Philippines to Acapulco, Mexico - and many harvests and cattle from the islands made it to Guam, complete with carabou.

In addition to the Hispanic alliance, Guam and the Philippines were both under US domination, and while the Philippines finally achieved sovereignty, Guam remained an area of the United States of America. Like the Philippines, Guam was paying the cost of its US link when it became a major battlefield in the Pacific Theatre of World War II.

A number of commentators say that the 1944 Guam killing claimed 10% of Guam's people. The island's story is well documentary in the Pacific war Museum in the capitol Hagatna, using new technologies and available video material to document the fight, as well as copies of stories in stories in local papers that make the news about the beginning and end of the two wars.

To make sure no one thinks Guam is just a beautiful island full of historical and resort attractions, Guam is also a shopper's paradise, as the group discovered the following Friday, one of the largest trading nights in the US. During our four nights on the island, not a single night was spared without a visit to the largest commercial centres on the island, such as KMart and Guam Premier Outlets in Tamuning, T Galleria in Tumon and Micronesia Mall in Dededo.

The GVB has taken full use of the abundance of shops and introduced the Shop Guam Festival, an annually held festival that features the best offers during the year. Notice that if you make a point of going to Guam during the Black Friday week-end (the week-end after Thanksgiving), you might be able to count wacky deals, like a $90 Michael Cors dead (originally assessed at $200) or a mid-piece of samsonite baggage for less than $100 or nine West Slippers for half the cost - but ready to see everyone in the Malles as well.

As US territories in the Pacific, Guam is alternately a tropic resort and a superpower city. Indeed, almost 30% of the island's entire surface area (16,000 hectares) is under the US military's con... And, because of its strategical position and the existence of armed forces, Guam was at the centre of North Korean commander Kim Jong Un's threat when the strong man last August said his own nation was going to test a medium-range IRBM that could penetrate Guam to combat the US-South Korean war.

However, according to Regina Nedlic, GVB manager of the Philippines and Russia, the North Korean menace has not prevented visitors from coming and disturbing the people. "In general - we have two airforce and naval base here - this does not really concern us (North Korea threat)," she said to the news during a November newsroom.

"Guam, I think, was very resistant to such menaces. We' re out of World War II and safety is our top priority," she added, saying that it actually looked as if the threat to the tourist industries in Guam had come because many unaware of Guam are now inquisitive.

Ms Nedlic said that the tourist sector - which, together with the island's armed forces, is a major part of its economic base - has not felt the impact of the war. In 2017, 5 million people visited, a little more than the 1. 4 million they wrote down in 2016. Whilst Japan has long been one of the biggest Guam tourist destinations, she said that in October the number of Koreans visited exceeded that of Japan's tourist destinations.

Further important overseas territories are the US Continent, China, Hawaii, Taiwan and the Philippines. Filipino attendance is also growing, said Ms Nedlic, as the island greeted 20,000 Filipinos from October 2016 to September 2017, a significant rise from the "10,000 to 12,000" Philippine annual median attendance they had in the past.

This is largely due to the arrival of additional carriers, as Guam is currently served by Philippine Airline, United Airline and most recently Cebu Pacific, which launched their Guam-Manila service in March 2016. Prior to departure for Guam, the group had to go through two additional safety checks before getting on the aircraft, which involved an initial screening and another practical inspection at the airport gates.

"Carmel Carpio of GVB Philippines said, "Some say that we are now the most secure place in the whole wide globe because we are all sheltered.

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