How to get to Rapa Nui

What is the best way to get to Rapa Nui?

Heaven was full of stars, but sleep had to wait. Coming from Santiago, Chile, take a connecting flight to Isla de Pascua (Easter Island or Rapa Nui), which takes five hours. " The indispensable guide to the island from Scottish enthusiast James Grant-Peterkin. Then we visit the large spherical stone, which the Rapa Nuis (Te Pito or Te Henua) call the navel of the world.

Adrenalin in Rapa Nui[en]

Stage 1: The tour starts with the trip "Exploring the Iceland on horseback". Riding routes can differ according to the group' s fitness and interests. From Ahu Tahai, an important site of ceremonies and archaeology, to Ahu Te Peu, a place surrounded by a stunning scenery, along a cliff where once was a large town.

Ana Kakenga and Ana Te Pora cave tours also take you to Terevaka hills, a resting vulcano at the north end of Easter Island and part of three large ninepins that make up the top of the isle.

Morning 2: After breakfasts we begin the morning southwards until we get to the area of Mataveri O'Tai and the Ana Kai Tangata Caves, where you can see old caves. On the way we come to a park where you can admire some indigenous vegetation, situated at the foot of the Orongo mound and next to the CONAF office.

Walk up the trail through eucalyptus woods to Rano Kau vulcano. You can look inside the vulcano and see the variety of flora and imported vegetation next to a fresh water lagoon. Here you will be able to see a variety of different species of flora and bush. It starts in the Ahu Tahai fields, along the western coastline to the cave area of Ana Liakenga.

Then Ahu Te Peu, one of the largest ceremony centers on the western coast, and where you can see how the island inhabitants used to be. In the same area we go on to one of the largest caves: The Ana Te Pahu (or banana caves), with lush and diverse flora, leads further to the area of Ahu Akahanga.

RAPA NUI adventures are not completed without getting into the ocean, so in the mornings you will make a wonderful navigational trip along the coastline overlooking Hanga Roa. The Tahai area can be seen from this point, caves opposite Mataveri and only viewable from the ocean before entering the islands of Motu Nui, Motu Iti and Motu Kao Kao.

Additionally, each diver will rely on an experienced diving guide who will be present all the while managing lift, guidance, depth and cruising times, according to the student's skills and PADI standard, such as the max diving length of 12 metres for this kind of dive.

SUNDAY 4: Have your last morning meal at the beach and take advantage of these last few minutes on the islands, as at the arranged hour your transfers wait in the foyer of your lodge to take you to the beach where your departure includes a shell chain.

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