Hawaiʻi Destinations

Hawaiʻi Destinations

The virtual "storage room" of our travel guides is packed with insider tips and information to make planning your next meeting or event a breeze. The Hawaii Department of Transportation released a new geocoded map. Prevent crowds of people in popular places and try out these hidden gems. Maui is always a popular destination.

Arboretum Lyon

The Lyon Arboretum offers several practical, activity-based excursions specifically developed for K-12 scholars, among them excursions to the ecosystem of Hawaii, water catchment areas, indigenous and cultivated flora, indigenous and invertebrate flora and some other important themes related to ??ina. It has a kindergarten, an educational centre, an ethnobotanic gardens and a thousand different botanical gardens with which you can give classes in sustainable development, nature protection, good hygienic conditions and wellbeing.

Please call the Education Department at (808) 988-0461 for more information.

There are 9 great island destinations worth the trip

Those shrubbery look like they planned a gradual assault to take over the street. It is not level and has no specific shoulder or border. Is not your Kohala Coastline drive, which can be rough, rugged and intricate. It is something we found by chance after our trip to Ka'U Coffee Mill, and it meanders along the southeast shore of the isle,.....

The Akaka Falls is located in the Akaka Falls State Park, which is only a brief driving distance from the city of Hilo on Big Island. You can park your vehicle for a small charge (depending on the number of travellers and..... Be a Paniolo (Hawaiian Cowboy) for a whole days and make a real animal instinct on the big island of Hawaii.

Although it was a wet, whimsical one, it was the ideal, one-of-a-kind Hawaiian time. Much more than just a beach! Hamakua Coast on The Big Island, Hawaii, is part Amazon rainforest, part Jurassic Park meeting population. On the north-eastern side of Hawaii, a nicely cobbled street leads you through some of the most scenic places.....

South-point on Big Island is the southernmost point of the United States. They were old moorings for canoeing of the first colonists on the Great Island. It is secluded (between Volcanoes National Park and South Point) but it' s a good place to stop.

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