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pleativate islands for sell - Steward Island real estate - New Zealand STÄWTWERT Island/Rakiura is situated at the southernmost end of New Zealand. There is only one village in Halfmoon Bay/Oban on the east side of the island. There are two cottages on about 8 hectare of old woodland at Mill Creek, about 1 km northern of Halfmoon Bay/Oban.

It' s very intimate with a view of the ocean, the mouth and the scrub. The island has only 27 km of road, but 280 km of hiking paths. The 1683 sq. km of this very nice island are wooded. The air-impaired kiwifruit can be seen in the outback. Bushwalking, kayak and scuba dive are great.

The Stewart Island has a resident populace of 380 people, which rises to about 1000 in summertime. Yes, I would like to subscribe to the newsletters with information about the worlds of privately owned islets. The website uses Google Analytics cookie (disable Google Analytics here), JavaScript and similar technology.

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Our services include all real estate base, housing, lifestyle, rural, business and building administration. Our passion is to provide our customers with the best results with visibility and an uncomplicated Southland attitudes. All Southland properties - speak to the Todd & Co team.

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Situated on Stewart Island, this unspoilt foreshore covers 172 acres of New Zealand's oldest indigenous woodland with breathtaking world-class outlooks. The main objective of this exceptional building is the protection of fauna and species diversity. Situated on the north-eastern coast of Stewart Island and 17km from the South Island coast, the estate is reachable either by a 15-minute Invercargill flights or a pleasant one hours drive by boat from Bluff.

There are over 126 indigenous birds, at least 11 indigenous and/or indigenous birds and numerous indigenous invertebrates. Situated near 157,000 ha of protected area, this predator-free area has the capacity to be a global fortress. It has on-the-spot lodging and a variety of plots of land designated as extra construction stages (subject to approval of resources).

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