Wailea Maui Hawaii

The Wailea Maui Hawaii

A Quintessential Hawaii picture in Maui. From the moment you arrive at Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort, Ocean welcomes you. A gateway to the sea to Wailea in southern Maui. Please see discounts for Wailea, HI Hotels & Motels. High Wailea Waldorf Astoria Resort Hotel Maui.

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This is Wailea Beach. Wailea's name means "Water of Lea", the divine god of canoeing. South Maui' s historic fishermen's village is now famous for its beautiful coastline, noble resort, diving sites, world-class fairway courses and exhilarating regional food. Wailea's shore is not the only place to admire the splendour of Molokini, which is only three kilometres away.

Returning to the front of the Resorts, the sand beach of Wailea, Mokapu or Polo Beaches will invite you to marvel and relax. Makena further South of Wailea provides great dive opportunities at Five Graves or Five Caves or in the Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve. Evening meal in Mala Wailea at Wailea Beach Mariott. Experienced guests can make reservations with Monkeypod, Ka'ana Kitchen and Morimoto Maui - both at Andaz or Capische? at Hotel Wailea.

Spoil yourself with audacious Hawaiian and Filipino flavours at the Marriott Wailea Louvre or enjoy the exotic mix of Mediterranean and Hawaiian cuisine at another Marriott Wailea eatery, Mala. When wellbeing and regeneration come first, Wailea's luxurious spa offers you a soothing turn.

Awili Spa and Salon in Andaz Maui has a pharmacy with biological and native fruit and spices that include treatments with oil and peelings. The Grand Wailea Resort Spa Grande provides a tapering bath in its thermal, which is made up of five therapeutical spas using Hwaiian salt and essence.

And, the Four Seasons Spa brings spa to a new dimension by working with a nutritional clinician to incorporate physical exercise, physical activity, and a nutritional schedule for its clients. Stylish enthusiasts can find local designer resorts at the Wailea Gateway Center's Otaheite Hawaii, shop at Wailea's high-end brand stores or go on the Kihei Kalama Village Marketplace for bargains.

For Wailea, its proportion of shine and excitement throughout the year. February's festival will celebrate the arrival of Hawaii's larger-than-life moguls, with a parade, marathon, roll counting and a collective whaling day. Hollywood's best meeting with the island's cineasts at the Maui Film Festival in June. This weeklong celebration also puts native cooks and cooks in the limelight with their star-studded opening soirée, Taste of Wailea and Taste of Chocolate.

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