Discover Eilat holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. The Eilat (????

, aka Elat) is a speciality in Israel because it has so many tourists (many of the tourists are still Israelis). The only Israeli city on the Red Sea is Eilat (????, aka Elat). Big savings on hotels in Eilat, Israel online. The Club In Eilat is a resort in a wadi with breathtaking desert views.

Iilat Travels

Once we have picked you up from your accommodation, we will assemble the group and start your trip to Petra from Eilat while driving from Eilat to Arava Boorder. Transit time varies (up to 2 hours) and involves immigration and custom, so your tolerance is estimated.

Transfers from the frontier to Petra in new air-conditioned coaches. The journey lasts approx. 2-3 hrs and leads along an extensive and convenient motorway (the "desert path"), which leads through a scenically attractive stretch of road on the hill. On the way to the restroom and refreshments there is a stopover before it arrives at Petra's historic site, known as one of the Seven Miracles of the World.

A 20-minute stroll to the treasure chamber, the principal high point of Petra, begins at the area. Your pack includes the option of horse back rides for the first 200m. At Petra the guides will take you through the highlights of the village, including: Siq, obelisk grave, calligraphy, treasure chamber, Jabal Madbach (sacrificial castle), tombs and theatre.

At the end of the trip, you will have a delicious meal in an original and genuine on-site dining room before heading to Aqaba. There are a few stopovers at certain viewpoints to give you the chance to experience the wonderful scenery that Wadi Rum has to boast. We will spend a little bit of our free day at the market in Aqaba before we cross the borders to Israel with the help of your leader.

Return to Eilat.

Ailat travel guide

The Eilat Guide takes you to this spa town, Israel's Red Sea windows, and a basis for a holiday with plenty of sunny beaches, or adventures and thrills with Eilat, a great basis for touring. Have a look at our Eilat holiday packages and trips from Eilat to the Negev desert in southern Israel, to Petra and Jordan, to Cairo and Egypt and of course to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Bethlehem and Galilee.

The Eilat is the gate to Petra, with everyday trips to Petra and Wadi Rum. Planning a walk in the Eilat hills and discover the wonderful countryside. Enjoy the sunshine by selecting one of the many lovely Eilat sands. Discover the astonishing miracles of Egypt with the pyramids, the Egyptian Museum and the Nile.

More than 100 trips in Israel, among them daily trips, multi-day trips, package holidays, and more. We have found some of the most extraordinary, thrilling and accessible Israeli activity for you. We choose the most astonishing experiences to experience Israel like an Israeli, from the greatest Tel Aviv concert to the most popular one.

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