Fiji Coup 1987

Fiji-Coup 1987

Abstract of the Fiji Putsches of 1987 and 2000: Sources, practice and presentation. Proof, ideology and misjudgement: public opinion and the military coups in Fiji in 1987. After the fourth coup d'état since 1987, Fiji is facing an economic depression. The Fijians became violent five days after the collapse of a military coup. Since 1987 there have been four coups d'états in Fiji, the first and the second merging into one, as they were only four months apart.

Rabukas dispatch to the Fiji coup in 1987: "I am sorry".

The Social Democratic Liberal Party and former MP Sitiveni Rabuka says that the riots and attacks on some Fijians of India origin 30 years ago were the intentional acts of "selfish people," and he apologized for them. "Many of them were treated under the law," he said over the week-end about the force of Fiji's first coup d'état on May 14, 1987.

In retrospect, the former PM said he had apologized to Fijians of India origin on many occasions in public and that he had kept making reparation for 1987. When the Fijians recalled Fiji's first coup d'état on the thirty years of its first coup d'état in Fiji last night, Rabuka insisted that coup d'état was not the way to solve any kind of state of a civilized state.

coups went directly against the fundamental tenets of humankind's propriety and respect for mankind and mankind, and against his faith as a believer in Christ, he said. "Fiji is at a turning point and there are many miracles to heal," Rabuka said. It assured all minorities, whether of religion or of ethnicity, that the SODELPA oppositions had undertaken to guarantee their safety in Fiji, as they also belong to Fiji.

"Respectfully and appreciatively, your contribution to Fiji. Mr Rabuka added that SODELPA would foster greater inter-ethnic co-operation, partnerships and good will, which would form the basis for a sustainable peaceful settlement that would avoid further policy crisis. He said, however, that he had not started the "coup culture" in Fiji. is a Fiji Times correspondent.

At that time Sitiveni Rabuka was Lieut Herr Oberstleutnant and on 14 May 1987 was in third place in the Royal - now Republican - Fiji Force (RFMF) and carried out a second coup d'état in September 1987. In 2006, in a much criticized restoration of democratic rule, the last Commander Voreqe Bainimarama was voted the country's premier in 2014.

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