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New Zealand Far North Tourist Attractions and Activities Directory. Tourist locations in the far north are also available at the i-SITE visitor information centers. Explore the beautiful Aupouri Peninsular, our subtropical paradise in northern New Zealand.

Thirty things to do this summer in the North, Auckland.

However much we like our bustling town, the summers are made to get out of Auckland and explore our beauty. There is no better place than Northland with everything from pristine coastal shores to picturesque townhouses. We are sure that he is no unknown person setting off north for a streetie, but we would like to show you the best places, must-do's and secret jewels in Northland - from Mangawhai to Cape Reinga.

We' ve got 30 things for you on South Island and 30 things for you on Coromandel, so 30 things you can do this year! The Ngawha Sping Waiariki sping hour pool is just a few dollars away.

They are the ideal cooling-down temperatures, even on warm days, and they even let your skins glow! Experience all the beauties of the west coast on the Mangawhai Walkway. Away from the hustle and bustle of New Zealand's bustling urban environment, you' ll be able to spend a relaxing holiday in one of New Zealand's most historical towns.

On the Paihia quay, the welcoming personnel have also opened a store with Charlotte's Kitchen - an unmissable luncheon area adorned with the astonishing Kiwiana work of art by Lester Hall. Get now a look at the historical mission and print office to refresh your New Zealand little things. It is an interesting, hands-on place right next to the sea for an after-trip canoe.

Taste New Zealand's best seafood and crisps from the Mangonui Shop! Refresh yourself in the crystalline waters of Lake Kai Iwi on the Kauri coast. Featuring waters as deep sea as exotic as a tropic isle, Kai Iwi is ideal for a medium sized swimming streetie, kayaking or remote angling area.

Bay of Islands is home to many kind fishing, among them the dolphin. More than chocolate and the delicious marmalade, The Stone Store is one of the most famous places in Northland. Once you have made the impeccable picture of the sea virgin, make a cruise from Matapouri and head to the Poor Knight's Islands for an immersion dive.

Underneath the island, the seabed is dense and forms the ideal place for scuba and snorkeling, full of eelkbeds, deep-sea dive sites and all the colorful fishing. Go into a scenery right from Made Max and attack the Te Paki Monsters sanddunes. Heading towards the top of the North Island in Pukenui, the sandy slopes are ideal for a boogey board game. Just get ready for the uphill.

If you want to go on a really remote trip, look no further than Omapere Beach on the east coast. Omapere is ideal for relaxing with its sandy beaches, first-class angling spots and a generally relaxed feeling. Each New Zealander must also capture the sundown at least once. Drive to the top of New Zealand, along the Ninety Mile Beach, the state' officially designated highways.

When used as an alternate way from Kaitaia's State Highway, riding on the shore is not only much more enjoyable but also much more beautiful - and you will be able to say you've done it! Don't miss a short stop to make a Ninety Mile Sanddune promotion. Explore Whangarei Head's sandy and sandy shores and crystalline water under the Whangarei water.

There are 13 different secluded sandy areas, each presenting its own special treasure. You will be spoilt for choices and will find the ideal place to spend the whole year. Enjoy the classical activities Whangarei Heads has to offers in store for you. It' not a Northland pail register without visiting Cape Reinga Lighthouse.

Situated at the top of the North Island, the beacon is a beloved Kiwi cultural symbol and although you can't get into the real structure, the Tasman Sea views are so frigging. Overlook TLC, everyone likes a good cascade and a ride to one is the embodiment of a kiwi midsummer.

Motorcrawler (also known as Piercy Island), (also known as The Holle In The Rock) is situated at the very top of the Bay of Islands and is a sightseeing attraction. Get on a Paihia ferry and sail the great Pacific Ocean, see the first James Cook badge and breathe as you walk through the apparently too small pit in the crag!

Two of the biggest Kauri tree species are in the Waipoua Kauri Forest in Northland. Dress up your backpack to walk through the thick Kauri forest - the ideal way to escape the sun's rays and do something that won't turn you into a hot, confused sweat this year. Aroha Island brings you back to your origins with a selection of campsites or holiday homes, ecological farms and centers and water activities, and lets us appreciate the beautiful land we have in.

Swimming, snorkelling, fishing, kayaking and sailing in the clear water of the Karikari Peninsula. You can see the important place where the contract was concluded at the Waitangi site in 1840. There is a stunning view of the Bay of Plenty and after you've mastered all your mind, go for a dip at Waitangi Beach.

Making this your stopover at the table! Opononi is another New Zealand seafood and French fries shop and is best eaten on the beaches (like every seafood and French fries). Overlooking the west coast mountains and the Hokianga sandy dune, Opononi offers breathtaking outlooks.

Burger and milkshakes really get to the point on a mild night on the shore. Magic Mangawhai is truly a place of happiness - the sandy shores are pristine, the vines are abundant and the city simply radiates rural allure. Lodging on the shore and camping around the village makes it easy to stay in the city on the east coast for at least a whole weekend.

The Helena Bay Lodge on the east coast is behind you. These luxurious hotels are located directly on the water and are the ideal place for you and your guests to unwind. Booking now for a week-end that you will dream of until next year. The last goal for the best 30 things in the north is to make storage in the small city of Maitai Bay.

Take yourself back to your early campsite holidays and make new experiences of Maitai Bay this year. Here are 30 things to do on the South Island this year.

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