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Australia's official Twitter profile. Receive all Tourism Fiji news and exclusive offers directly by e-mail. Fiji itinerary Action period: Contributions made after the end of the campaign period will not be taken up and will be canceled. Doctoral candidates must be at least 18 years of age, residing in California, Hawaii and Nevada ("Participants"). Fiji Airways ("Fiji Airways") and its parent company, affiliates, sponsoring entities, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertisers and promotional agents, award winners or affiliates, and third parties' performance and rating agents (collectively the "Promotion Entities") are not entitled to participate in or solicit them.

a) Fill in all the necessary information on the Website following the on-screen prompts to sign up with SPONSOR, and b) accept the official rules by electronic means. At the end of the participation the participant is registered for a winning opportunity automatic. Participants may enter only one (1) contribution per participant during the promotion period.

The use of any robot, repeating, automatic, scheduled or similar input method or agent will invalidate any input made by or associated with the participant. By participating in the Promotions, you agree to provide advertising agencies with your name, your postal and phone number and other information for the purposes of managing the Promotions.

SPONSOR also agrees that (i) your information may be used to provide you with promotional communications, promotional activities and promotional material that you believe may be of interest to you in accordance with SPONSOR's privacy policy; and (ii) your information may be shared with its affiliated companies, affiliated companies and advertising partner (e.g.

Distributors (pricing companies, retail stores, distributors, contractors ) to provide you with promotional communications, sales campaigns and promotional material that they believe may be of interest to you in accordance with their specific data protection guidelines. If any of the entries does not contain all the necessary information and meets the above and the following conditions, it is invalid and will not be taken into account in this action.

The SPONSOR has the right to disclaim any entries at its own option in accordance with the provisions of these official rules. If there is a disagreement as to who has filed an item, the authorised user of the e-mail address provided in relation to the item shall be considered the participant from the effective date of the item.

SPONSOR retains ownership of all items and will not accept or return them. Exactly three (3) prices can be won in the promotion as follows: There will be three (3) Grand Awards. The three ( (3) Grand Prize winner will be selected at random from all submissions and will receive a Grand Prize of::

2 ) two (2) round-trip airfares from San Francisco International Airport to Nadi, Fiji Islands on Fiji Airways at SPONSOR's option; (ii) five (5) overnight stays for two (2) people at the SPONSOR hotels; and (iii) advance reservations for one (1) fielding tour or activities in Fiji (exact fielding or activities as SPONSOR determines at its discretion) for two (2) people.

First prize-winning entries must be made at least 60 working day in advance and every winning participant and his/her accompanying person must be travelling together on the same route. Connections to and from San Francisco International Airport and Nadi, Fiji must be agreed with SPONSOR. Any other costs (including but not limited to other transport costs, room service or other individual accommodation costs, phone call, tips, utilities and any other taxes not expressly stated in these official regulations ) are the exclusive liability of each grand prize winning entry and must be borne by each grand prize winning entry.

Unless otherwise forbidden, a competitor entitled to the main prize must give an affidavit, indemnity and publication ("affidavit and exemption"). First prize winner's tour guide must be at least 18 years of legal age and sign a release for liability and advertising.

Every main prize laureate and his or her guide are liable for obtaining at their own cost and before the trip applicable visas and/or additionally needed travelling documentation. The real value of the grand prize may differ for each part of the grand prize at the moment of reservation, according to the precise route and due to variations in itineraries.

There is no guarantee of any discrepancy between the estimated sales value ("ARV") and the real value of the main lot. Unused price elements expire. All changes after the reservation are the exclusive responsability of the winner of the main award. Grant institutions are not liable if the main award or part of it cannot be given due to cancellation, delay or interruption due to force majeure, measures, regulations, orders or requests by government or quasi-governmental bodies (whether they are measures or not),

Lack of manpower or materials, transport interruptions of any kind, work interruptions, civilian unrest, riots, riots, riots or other causes beyond the exclusive sphere of SPONSOR's authority and are not liable for any cancellation, delay, diversion or replacement or any other act or omission of the airline(s), hotel or other transport company or person rendering these flights and accommodation for the benefit of the passenger, such as any consequences resulting therefrom, such as changes in the service or accommodation required by them.

Each grand prix ARV is five thousand dollars ($5,000 USD). SPONSOR will award all prices. SPONSOR reserves the right to change the price any time. The awards are given without any warranties, either explicit or implicit, by SPONSOR. Winning entries are subject to all state, provincial and municipal tax (including personal and source taxes) and any other expense, cost or fee associated with the receipt and/or use of any winnings not mentioned herein.

Winning entries are not eligible to replace, wager or exchange awards for money, but SPONSOR retains the right, in its absolute opinion, to replace a grant (or part thereof) with a grant of equivalent or higher value. SPONSOR also retains the right to waive or give away any unused or remaining awards at its own option.

Raffle: Prospective Grand Prize laureates will be randomly drawn on or about October 10, 2017 from all eligible submissions submitted during the promotion period. Prospective prize-winning entry will be announced by telephone, e-mail or registered letter within thirty (30) workingdays of the draw date.

In the event that a prospective award recipient either rejects a award or does not react to the prospective winning announcement within seven (7) consecutive calendars after such announcement or is considered not to be eligible to receive the award, an alternative award will be selected in a consecutive draw at random following the former prospective award winner's dismissal.

To win a price, the winner must fill in an affidavit and an indemnity form within five (5) consecutive working day of receipt and send it back to SPONSOR or its representative. Non-refunding of the undersigned affidavit and release may lead to loss of the price, unless this is outlawed.

In the event that a winning party makes incorrect statements in a certificate requested by Spotsor or a competition provider, they will be dismissed and must immediately surrender the value of their prizes to Spotsor. Each award ceremony is subjected to an audit defined by Sponsour at its own option and to strictly observe these official regulations.

ONE ( ) PER PEOPLE FOR THE WHOLE ACTIVITY. Contributions will be based on the number of submissions. After SPONSOR has selected the winner, please expect a lead time of 8 to 10 week. Participation in this Promotional Event constitutes participants' agreement to indemnify and defend the advertisers and all their current, past, present and prospective executives, managers, directors, staff, parent, subsidiaries, associates, agent, members, stockholders, insurer, employees, departments, predecessor, successors, agent, distributor, distributor, distributor, advertisers, promotional and performance agency, as well as advisers and counsel (collectively the "Indemnified Parties") from any and all claims, causes of actions,

Indemnity, compensation, loss, injuries or damages, but not limited to bodily injuries, deaths or damages to persons or properties, to the Participant or any other persons or entities resulting from the Participant's or any other persons or entities' participating in this Promotion, accepting, possessing, using or misusing any prizes (including any related trips or activities), managing this Promotion, performing the Promotion and the various methods of participating in or using the privileges conferred herein by the Indemnified Parties.

Participants bear the risks of losing, damaging, destroying, delaying or misdirecting material/mail/e-mail to SPONSOR. With the participation the participant accepts these official regulations and the judgements of SPONSOR or its representative, which are definitive and obligatory in every respect, and further accepts that the awards are given on the proviso that the released parties are indemnified directly or indirect from any injury, casualties or any kind of harm to individuals or properties, incl. deaths, in whole or in part,

with or in consequence of accepting, possessing or using the Awards or participating in this Promotion or participating in or travelling for promotional purposes and further recognizes that the Indemnified Parties have not made any warranties, representations or representations or are in any way accountable or liability, express or implicit, actual or statutory, with respect to any sojourn.

Indemnified parties are not liable for engineering, computer failure, loss or unavailability of any kind, loss of computer connectivity, cheating, incomplete, mutilated or delay in computer transfers, whether due to SPONSOR, or due to endorsement, use, or promotion-related or promotional devices or programs, or due to technological or personal errors that may arise and/or harm a User's system or restrict a Participant's participation in the Promotion.

Indemnified parties are not liable for any errors, whether electrical or personal, that may arise during the management of this Ph. ATTENTION: Any PARTICIPANTS' INVESTIGATION TO MAKE A WEBSITE TO BE DAMAGED OR PROHIBIT THE RIGHT OF THIS ADVERTISING ACTION MAY CONSTITUTE PUNITIVE AND LEGALITY.


If, for any cause, this Promotional Event cannot go as scheduled because they are damaged by computer viruses, errors, manipulation, tampering, cheating, technological failure or other causes beyond the reasonable authority of the Promotional Units and impair the management, safety, fairness, integrity or orderly performance of this Promotional Event,

SPONSOR may, in its absolute opinion, deny any person who disrupts the participation procedure and/or annul, end, modify and/or discontinue the Promotion or any item thereof, and SPONSOR may, in its absolute opinion, hold a chance draw to give the Prizes using all Participating Unsuspected Submissions that have been submitted at the time of cancellation.

In the event that any of these official regulations are found to be not enforceable or void, the remaining regulations of these official regulations shall continue in full effect. Unless forbidden by applicable laws, Participant consents to (1) all controversies and causes of action resulting from or in connection with this promotion or any award made shall be settled separately, without recourse to a collective proceeding and solely by definitive and mandatory arbitrations under the regulations of the American Arbitration Association at the AAA affiliate's nearest sub-region; and

In no event shall the Participant be entitled to receive rewards and the Participant hereby waive all right to assert any criminal, incidental, special, indirect or other damage, compensation, including legal attorney's fee, other than the Participant's real outlay ( "expenses incurred in connection with participation in this Promotion"), and the Participant further waive all right to multiply or increase the damage.

Any matters and matters relating to the design, operation, interpretation as well as enforcement of these Official Regulations or the participant's and SPONSOR's legal and regulatory powers in relation to this Promotion shall be subject to the material statutes of the State of California, USA, without reference to its California Courts.

Participation in this promotion constitutes participants' acceptance of (i) these official regulations, inclusive of all conditions of participation, and (ii) the SPONSOR and its representatives' decision, which is definitive and authoritative in all issues related to the promotion. Non-compliance with these official regulations can lead to the action being disqualified.

Sponsoor retains the right to permanent disqualification of any individual who it considers to have deliberately infringed these official regulations and to declare all related records and/or voices invalid. A copy of the official rules: Godfather: NO PART OF THE PRESENT PROMOTIONAL OFFER OR THESE OFFICIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS MAY BE REPRODUCED, REPRINTED OR OTHERWISE POSTED WITHOUT THE SPONSORS PRIOR CONSENT IN WRITING.

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