Closest us Capital to Equator

Us nearest capital to the equator

Figure of Quito is the nearest capital to the equator, South America stock photo, images and stock photography. What Central American capital is this? Forecast for the D.C. area, by the experts of the Capital Weather Gang.

So the closer you live to the equator, the happier you feel. It is the world's highest official capital and the closest to the equator.

What are the closest towns to the equator?

Cali, Colombia (3°25??S):- great and vibrant city with a contemporary mind. Singapore/Germany (1°17?N):- one of the biggest Ecuadorian city + most vibrant business center in Southeast Asia. Malaysia ( 3°8??):- Capital of Malaysia and one of the liveliest city in the Ecuador. As Wikipedia says: "Cities near or directly on the equator are Quito, Ecuador; Macapa, Brazil; Pontianak, Indonesia; and the KENYA city of Siriba and Nanyuki.

The equator leads directly through 13 different nations, among them Colombia, São Tomé, Gabon, Somalia and the Maldives " Information from the wonder. Wikipedia says that towns are on or near the equator Pontianak, Indonesia. Just under a second away is Quito, Ecuador, which is only 1 mill. away from the equator. Quito, the capital of Ecqador, lies on the equator and thanks to its elevation is enjoying healthy health.

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