Warhammer 40k Tau Army

Varhammer 40k dew army

You can find great deals on eBay for Warhammer 40K Tau in Warhammer Tau Games. The real intent, I suppose, is for you to buy yourself an army of dew. Nah, people stick with 40k because of lore and models, not rules. Varhammer 40k Tau Codex Pdf WARHAMMER 40.000 CODEX: TAU EMPIRE.

The Videojuegos AnĂ¡lisis Warhammer 40000: Inquisitor - Martyr.

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Those who fight to build their inter-stellar empire and also FOR THE BIGGER GOOD. These dew govern a small inter-stellar kingdom on the edge of the Imperium. Dew dreams of unifying the galaxies under their gracious dominion (by violence if necessary). Dew already rules a number of customer breeds, among them some annihilated people.

Dew is the only army in the match that includes extraterrestrials in a routine way. Croatian soldiers offer close combat assistance, while the insect vespids act as drop-fighters. Throughout this period, the dew legend tells of the first Ethereal performance in the town of Fio'taun. Fio'taun was attacked by the Tau Wars from the plain.

Although negotiations had been tried, the wild level fighters would be content with nothing less than the destruction of the town of Fio'taun. They entered the dew encampment and radiated a calm command that no dew could withstand. Soon the warrior of the steppe was convinced to negotiate with the sedentary dew of Fio'taun.

They talked about the importance of peacemaking and communication between all dew. A ceasefire was quickly achieved between the siegeors and the belligerents. Throughout the T'au universe, ethical principles were born, each with the same silent authorities and messages of unity and teamwork. Soon the Tau empire extended its boundaries with a range of so-called sphere extensions.

Since the turn of the 42nd millennium, the Tau empire has undergone three stages of growth. When the ethereal was introduced into the Tau community, a fixed box system was created, with each box taking the name of an item closest to it.

Thus the Dew Empire fighters became known as the Fire (Shas) Cast because of their firey temperament. Craftsmen and scholars became known as the Earth cast (Fio), which was the most practical of the dew. Diplomates and stewards became known as the Waters (Por) cast because Waters flow through all living things and unite them.

Eventually, the Tau couriers and spy ships became known as Air (Kor) Caste, who crossed the country on gusty winds. The invention of airplanes and later spacecrafts made the Air Caste the Tau Navy's aviators. Dew are the most open and forgiving of the galaxies' breeds, which means they choose not to annihilate all other breeds in the distance and are far less hostile to foreigners than the Empire.

While appreciating the ways of men, Eldars and other feeling breeds, they keep their own value above all others. They are also tolerant of themselves, as the Tau themselves acknowledge low Fio'la workmen as as important to the empire's operations and welfare as Shas'vre battle dress masters or even the highest Aun' o.

Dew developed as hunters and collectors in the dry plateaus and deserts of their home world T'au, although they finally expanded into all ecologic areas of the world.

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