Tau Empire

Dew Empire

I made the Tau Empire Datacards this time: Heretics of the T'au Empire As their disgusting looks and obsolete politics should serve as a driving force for the forging of your rage, it is important not to ignore the technical hierarchy of T'au practices, to publish new releases of their military engines that offer a pray to the wacky machinists of their cars and try to create the most horrible of the mechanic arts: the loathsome intelligences. Cross-reference the so-called "drone" - a machine that would undoubtedly overthrow the T'au if the Empire were not on its way to clean it first - with the modest Cataphron Battle Servitor: It is clear that Guardsman - a "life" of hazardous "enlightenment" and "progress" against the security of the empire's tradition.

Don't be deceived by the T'au's misguided pledges.

Tau Empire XV88 Broadside Battlesuit | Free Delivery

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Battle Fleet Gothic: Australasia - Tau Empire on Steam

This extraterrestrial dew empire has spread quickly throughout the entire universe, supported by cutting-edge technologies and powered by a complete devotion to the Greater Good philosophies. Experienced Tau admirals can take out most of an opposing navy before they are even within range. The DLC allows you to compete as a Tau Empire crew, with completely new vessels, boxes and gaming mechanisms, as well as the Warfare system.

These auxiliaries are specialised to perform special tasks within the Tau group. Croot Warsphere - Battle Cruiser can fire at any corner and is insensitive to almost all types of serious damages. The Nicassar Dhow - escort vessel, which can only be used by special dew-vessels. Demiurg Base - low-cost battle cruiser that is lower but has 4 skills to assist the team.

Demiurg Stronghold - High-Cost Battle Cruiser with statistics that almost match those of a battleship. The Kauyonath - Your long term navy will become much more precise. Boxes form the preferred system of the dew empire. Single vessels can have only one cast, but there is no limitation on the number of different castes you can have in your group.

Every box is devoted to a certain role: Firing Caste - Developed for short ranges, Firing Caste boats are perfect to act as avant-garde while other boats are firing from a distance. Aquatic Caste - A multifaceted caste equipped with an energetic ability that conjures a Nicassar Dhow squad and a passively granting a bonuses.

Caste of the Earth - The Earth Caste vessels are equipped with an experimentation railgun and an extra upgrading slots. A/C Caste - Provides increased manoeuvrability and increased manoeuvrability, as well as a dedicated passively upgraded design that significantly decreases the opponent's precision while the vessel performs a specific manoeuvre.

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