What is a Cordage

Which is cordage?

Ropes or cords, especially in the rigging of a ship. He picked out some seeds and ropes, a rope made by twisting plant fibres together. Rope definition: the lines and rigging of a ship | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. It is a quick way to make short cords from bark. The advantage is that it is very fast and the ropes are very strong.

Ropes, fibres and vessels

Nature's tissue is connected with all kinds of fibres. World' s skins are a mixture of flora, fauna, even the rock and the ground are part of the intricate array of interlinked fibres that hold things together. Students will be taught different ways of picking, conserving and making different kinds of fibres, not only for winding and making ropes, lashing, bowstrings and string etc., but also how to use these ropes to build a wide range of traditonal receptacles, such as collection bins or weaving outfits.

Not needing any experience......just the passions to know!

Rope & Ropes - Rope & Ropes

The strongest of our nature's fibers, it produces hard-wearing, low-stretch, universally applicable cables that are better than sisal in terms of weather, fungus and humidity stability. It is best for use in navigation, shipbuilding, mining and especially in mines.

The sisal cables are powerful, tenacious and economic. They are easily processed and knotted, ultraviolet processed and have good weatherability. Ideal for: naval, building, mining, trucks, agriculture, commercial, fisheries, oil and general industry use. The Aquatec Rope is ideal for sea fisheries and large scale industries where dependability is critical.

Be careful of imitation, Aquatec Rode has a striking green with a golden marking. Silvery wire is powerful and multi-purpose with outstanding manoeuvrability. Ideal for general and general industry application, especially in the shipbuilding industry, where high wear and floatability are an advantage. Polyethylen (PE) monosails are available on a press-in base and depend on minimal order criterions with corresponding delivery time.

They are powerful and inexpensive. We manufacture our wire products to strict tolerances and meet the Telstra contractual requirements. The 6mm cable has 2 blue and 1 amber strands and is used in either 400m or 500m spools.

Many copy copier materials, when used for testing, do not match the rigidity, labeling, weight or confusion-free spool feeding system incorporated in our work. It has good tenacity, elongation, ease of use, winding and knots and outstanding wear and tear properties. The polyester cable is ideal for a variety of general and industry uses, as well as fall arrest tether.

It has good tensile and elongation characteristics, high resilience, simple operation, winding and tying as well as good rub fastness. The nylon cord is ideal for a variety of general and industry use. They are a favourite option to conventional 8-stranded polypropylenes. Featuring high tensile and good wearing characteristics, nylon cables are the favoured option for highly absorbent power transmissions.

The use of stranded cables is mainly used for securing and hauling applications with extreme load peaks. Made of 100% high-tenacity polyester thread for high rigidity, outstanding wear and tear protection and long life. The wing cords are available in a variety of designs made of polyester and cottons. Made from 100% virgin, high quality organic quality wool for optimum firmness and stability when used in stressed cottons.

The Yachtmaster XS twin mesh consists of a balanced and harmonized HT polyester fabric that provides a long service live and a smooth wearing comfort. Perfect for use as a leash. It has a smooth touch and an appealing whiteness. This is a high-quality holster cable, whether you splice, beat or knot.

High-grade cardigan for good firmness and repeated use. Resse® Linear Braidings have a core-sheath type rigid stranded nucleus with a braided polyamide sleeve. Produced using the heat-set pre-shrink method to create a security line that offers less elongation with high tensile stiffness. These ropes are designed for abseiling at high speeds.

It has good tenacity, elongation, ease of use, winding and knots and outstanding wear and tear properties. The polyester cable is ideal for a variety of general and industry uses, as well as fall arrest tether. It is very durable against stretching, wear, ultraviolet breakdown and discoloration.

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