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University of Tel-Aviv, Israel. hayit@eng.tau.ac.il.

School of Engineering, Bar-Ilan University, Israel. If you have any questions, please contact int@eng.tau.ac.il. Subtitles by tau | Tau ke ye nngwe ya diphoofolo t?e tlhano t?e kgolo ka mo Afrika-Borwa. "'Ke ka lebaka la eng ke swanet?e go fepa bana ba ba gagwe mola ba ka ba bolawa ke tlala?

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From 1988-1989 he was a research associate in the Speech Recognition Group of IBM, T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY. Between 2011 and 2015 he was the director of the Electrical Engineering â?" Systems Division at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Tel Aviv University. Cutting-edge encoding technologies for communication, file retention and sourcecoding, code with scarce graphics and iterational decodeing-algorithm.

Statistic patterns detection, neuronal nets, depth teach-in, automated language detection.

Combination of region and edge cues for image segmentation in a Gauss methodological mixing framework

We are proposing a new segmenting algorithms that combine patch-based information with edge cues in a probability frame. Utilizing a mix of several gaussers to build the statistic models with colour and space characteristics, we integrate edged information into the EM algorithms on the basis of textures, colours and luminance variations.

Giovanni Guidotti had the church of Tau erected in the first half of the fourteenth centuary and then gave it to the regular canons of Saint Anthony Abbot or Tau, who bore this name because their coats were adorned with a "T" in navy lacquer.

Giovanni Guidotti had the Tau Cathedral erected in the first half of the fourteenth centuary and then gave it to the regular canons of Saint Anthony Abbot or Tau, who bore this name because their coats were adorned with a "T" in navy-enamels. After deconsecration, the order stopped existing in 1787.

Then the interior, which was constructed on a unique aisle and was frescoed, was split into three levels. Paintings were corrupted by the building of the ceiling and partitions and the opening of new window openings, leading to numerous "cracks" in the partitions. Nevertheless, the restorations of the cathedral, begun in 1962, succeeded in preserving a large part of the most important Gothic fresco series from the fourteenth cent.

Niccolò di Tommaso and other Pistoia wizards executed the frescos in three overlapping scenes illustrating the stories of the Old and New Testaments and the Saint Anthony Abbot's work. Instead, each of the twelve gore that form the top of the cathedral is devoted to an epoch from Genesis, the creation of heaven and earth and the giants.

On three sides only, the outside of the cathedral consists of three square coves, subdivided by large pointed archs and heavily vaulted by pointed crosses. Following the renovation of a design by architect Bruno Sacchi in 2008, the Tau Cathedral was used to show some of the great Marino Marini bronze without loosing the evocative ambience provided by the frescos of the fourteenth cent.

Tau Church has also been renovated according to a plan that makes it possible to organize specific activities and activities related to the museum's activities; this arrangement allows an even better visualization of the church itself, which is a very important historic and art work.

1953/54 wonder, 1956/57 rider, 1962 great cry, 1964/65 composition of items and a shape in an idea from 1964/65 as well as seven other small statues are exhibited inside the church. Pistoia farmers therefore gathered in the church of Tau on 17 January for the blessing of their beasts.

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