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Are you interested in Rah Island, Mota Lava, North Vanuatu? - VANuATu Message Board

Are you interested in Rah Island, Mota Lava, North Vanuatu? Have you got the number I gave you for Santo B & B, which is run by Father Luke & Rona? SCOTTY: This place really is paradise. Young & Rachel Dini, +678 7744093, 7745650 are your Host in the Rah Paradise Bungalows (formerly Harry Memorial Guesthouse) on Rah Island, Mota Lava, Banks Islands in Torba Province, North Vanuatu.

I have now traveled about 20 trips to Vanuatu, often in small village cottages on Efate, Nguna, Epi, Malekula, Maskelyne Islands, Vao Island, Santo and Ambrym. I have also slept in the most pricey resort in Vanuatu, such as Eratap Beach Resort (which is just as beautiful on every visit!) and Ratua (which I didn't like so much that I canceled my reservation and went after the first night).

It' the best price-performance ratio I've ever found in Vanuatu! You' ll have to buy to see these additional shows, but it will be good spend to experience one-of-a-kind attainments. Actors are very thankful for the cash they get to buy meals and cover tuition.

The Mota Lava/Rah region may be visited by other visitors from time to time, but they are usually quite rare. Of course you can buy some cash and do trips to the Rock of Rah, sleepin' mountain and canoeing, etc. on the spot. Most nights my man used to drink cava and got a buzz from the "screaming of the bar" for a few hundred dad.

It was a real pleasure to take one of the offical Watertaxis (yellow boat with'Watertaxi' on the side) between Rah and Mota Lava. In order to get to Rah Island, take a Air Vanuatu air ticket from Santo to Ablow airport in Mota Lava. Mota Lava is served 2 to 3 weekly departures, Wednesday, Friday and sometimes Monday.

When you want to spend the night at Rah Paradise Bunglaows, it's as simple as calling and hiring Young. When you call Vanuatu, the sound you will be hearing will sound like a long peep, almost like a "busy" one. Nowadays Vanuatu has an extended telephone line, so that it is possible to call almost anyone and everywhere, provided you have the right number!

Take a look at my commentary on Santo Bed & Breakfast, conducted by Young's father Luke and Rona. For about $25 a person it is the ideal place in Santo to travel in and out of Rah. When you are a'cash packer', you can take Seaplane Paul to Rah, which is a great adventure when you glide over the lake-filled craters of Mt Garet on Gaua, the most perilous of Vanuatu craters.

He is an instant hit and makes some really interesting floatplane trips to far away isles, sandy shores and volcanoes.... where did I put this bucket list? You can have Air Vanuatu check only 10 kg of hold baggage and 7 kg of carry-on baggage, but you can have 23 kg inspected for each individual as we have done.

Simply keep smiling and talking about how much you like Vanuatu while you are checking in!

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