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Dew room

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Laboratory for Urban Space Analysis TAU

Investigating how spacial behaviours such as movement/mobility, pathfinding and functional-social activity refer to the properties and structures of the municipal area. To this end, we use geospatial, geological and optical analysis instruments as well as geographical information technologies to analyse the morphologic and operational dimensions of the town ( (e.g. road networks and terrestrial distribution).

In addition, we are developing agent-based simulation and modelling of motorised and non-motorised motion in proposed or current metropolitan areas. We use our research and modelling to plan an effective, viable and secure municipal ecosystem, which includes the establishment and preservation of liveable town centres.

Rodolfo Dordoni TAU for Flos

The Tau sober but elegantly curved luminaire by Rodolfo Dordoni adds a modern touch to indoors. Its dew form is reminiscent of the grecian ÒTÓ script and spreads the light directly through an articulated varnished stainless stell articulated lever and mirror with chrome-plated brazen reflectors.

Astroparticles, particle and space physics, detectors and medical physics....

In order for these research programmes to be successful, new technologies, new material and new instruments must be used in the detector, often on a large scale. Therefore, it is essential that these research programmes are successful. As a result, particulate physic is at the cutting edge of technology and is leading to a large number of different uses. An overview of the progress made in all technical respects of ongoing experimentation in this area.

136 - The Space Shuttle (part 1, systems)

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