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Resort Malolo Island

A bestseller in Malolo! " Bula, we had the best stay at Likuliku Lagoon Resort for our honeymoon! Situated on the beautiful Mamanuca Islands, this idyllic island is the perfect escape with shimmering beaches and lush gardens. Location & Map Malolo Island Resort. At Malolo Island (Mamanuca Islands) Malolo Island Resort.

MALOLOLO Island Resort, Malolo - Update 2018 Rates

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Fiji Resort, Malolo Island Resort Accomodation

The Malolo Island Resort is situated on the wonderful South Pacific island of Malolo in the famous Mamanuca group of islands. Only 25 km from Nadi Airport, this Bure-style lodging offers a breathtaking panorama view of the Pacific Ocean. The Malolo Island Resort has an informal and rustical atmosphere that reminds of pre-historic times, with high arched roofs that offer roomy sophistication.

You will be looked after by the offspring of the village inhabitants, who have been living on the island for 1000 years and are experiencing genuine Fijian friendliness. The Malolo Island Resort provides many opportunities for recreation and adventures during your sojourn. Unwind by the fresh water swimming pools, sunbathe on the smooth sandy beaches, take advantage of a hot tub or, if you feel more advanced, discover great snorkeling and scuba-dipping.

There are also ýspecial choices for couple ýwhich include aýromantic dinner on the side of the shore or just hang around in the many twin hammocks around the house. Bure Island: Some of these Boers have sea-view. Bed linen is 1 king-size bed + 2 single beds. The max. room size is 4 adults & children.

OCEARVIEW BOER: Bed linen is 1 double bed + 2 singlebed. The max. room size is 4 adults & children. Oceanview Bure: This roomy boer offers a breathtaking view of the sea. Bed linen is 1 king bed in a seperate room + 2 single bed in the roomy area. The max. room size is 4 adults & children.

The Tadra Beach Bure: The rooms are situated at the end of the beach of Malolo, right on the water. There are also 2 cots in the lounge area. The max. room size is 2 adults. Oceanview Bure family: An office for families is situated in an uphill position with a magnificent view of the sea.

There are 3 other offices directly on the beach. Bed linen is 2 king size bed + 3 single bed. The max. room size is 7 adults & children. The Deluxe Oceanview Bure For 5: These roomy Bure For 5 offers a breathtaking view of the sea. Bed linen is 1 king bed in a seperate room + 2 single bed in the roomy area.

The max. room size is 5 adults & children. Please be aware that only a small number of these Boers can receive up to 5 people. The Beach Bar & Tree Tops are closing on Saturday evenings. Strandbar: Snacks and cocktails are served all days and in the evenings at reduced rates, along with the sound of the Malolo Serenaders.

You will be able to eat your breakfasts, lunches and dinners while enjoying the wonderful meal (including children's menu) and the resort's pool and luxuriant garden. High in the palm groves with a view of the resort, this patio dining room offers a relaxing and informal ambience. It is a place for grown-ups where only visitors 13 years and older are allowed to eat.

The Malolo Serenaders open every night until night for refreshments and exclusive island coctails with nighttime comedy. The adult pub is the ideal place to savour an ice-cold ale, a cup of fine wines or a deliciously aromatic drink while you cool off in the swimming pools or relax in the hot tub. This lounge is intended for the quiet times and is only suitable for grown-ups over 18 years of age.

Mamanuca Islands have some of the best divesites in Fiji, if not the only one! Situated just a few steps from Malolo Barrier Reef, Malolo Island Resort provides amazing scuba dives from training to Subsurface Fiji's highly trained team. Amidst luxuriant rainforests and exotic landscaped areas, Leilani's Spa provides a relaxing and relaxing island retreat.

Three outdoor cures, one of them especially for pairs, are the ideal framework to let yourself be carried away by the expert therapist into a quiet and relaxing time. Childrens smiles are entertaining and playful, featuring water melon crack contests, three-legged racing, shellfish gathering contests, shrimp hunt, limp dance, ballooning dance, fish feed, and more!

Attention - Tia's Tree House is not designed for kids under 4 years and a babysitter is available at the resort for F$10 per h. The island of Malolo is the best place for your particular outing with the romanticism of this tropic haven that creates the prefect ambience for you.

There are a number of places to enjoy your intimacy ceremonies, such as the beaches at sundown or the luxuriant tropic garden. Complimentary Domoni - Basic Vedding Package: incl. co-ordination services, accompaniment and transportation to the Nadi Registry Office (from Nadi Hotels), booking and documentary fees, floral salusalu greetings on arriving at the resort, champagne bottles on arriving, establishment of the ceremonial venue and ministerial or Celebant fees incl. caps.

Incl, co-ordination services, accompaniment and transportation to the Nadi Registry Office (from Nadi Hotels), booking and documentary fees, floral salusalu greetings on arriving at the resort, floral decoration and champagne on arriving, ceremonial venue setup, minister or celebrate fees incl. transportation, floral arrangements, bride's bunch and buttonhole,

The following items are included: Facials, Royal Choir, Royal Welfare and Escorts, Marriage Clothing (if required), 1 champagne glass for the celebration, 1 candle lit champagne evening on the beach for two, Leilani's Spa Bridal Package contains Youthful facials, De Luxe Manicures and Pedicures for the bride, De Luxe Pedicures for the groom and De Luxe Delighting.

Including co-ordination services, Salusalu Flowers welcome on arriving at the resort, champagne bottles on arriving, wedding venue facilities, vow renewals services include minister or celebrant (marriage licence not required). If the wedding is a sunset wedding ceremonies, extra costs for the registrar's stay must be taken into account.

Wonderful meals, nice personnel and snorkeling directly on the shore!

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