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The Nassau Bahamas, a holiday made of myth.

Nassau, Bahamas, is a lush green haven known for a long time as a vacation place with great scenic and year round warm weather and comfortable summer-temperature. The Bahamas' biggest and most populous town, Nassau is situated on the Isle of New Providence. No wonder Nassau was chosen by Brethren as their shelter.

Near Nassau there are several other small archipelagos, such as Paradise Isle. The Aquaventure Aquatic Reserve in Atlantis, the 141 hectare aquatic spa and aquapark with attractions, lakes, pools and seas. It' a little more enjoyable to buy here, as buyers can bargain for the best value and be sure to get their own custom equipment.

Today, cruisers have taken over the navigation from yesterday's pirates' explorers and the cruising stop is reviving the city and the sea port. Barshopping is a favourite leisure activity and there are many places to go. You can also enjoy genuine tasting of our rums in the area where the gold liqueur was probably first made.

When it comes to being tied to the beaches, the hot and windless climate and the soft sea breeze are the ideal recipes. The Cable is the most famous and the most visited one. It' easy to reach with a fast coach trip from any place and is bordered by resort and leisure facilities. The Cable Beaches gives a great insight into what makes the Bahamas a paradise on the beaches.

The Junkanoo Beaches are easy to reach from the cruisers and are located near the Western Esplanade, an area usually visited by Nassauer. Dolphin swim is also a favorite activity on Blue Lagoon Island, a privately owned natural reserve just a quick drive away by boat. The Clifton Heritage National Reserve is another gem in this pirate's box, with a tranquil sandy beaches, snorkeling and historical attractions.

For those who want to know more about the islands and its people, there is a historical itinerary.

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