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Thank you for being our guests and for choosing Coconuts as your holiday accommodation during your Samoan holiday. Samoan, Tongan, Niue, Marquesan, Hawaiian, Tahitian, Tuamotu: Coconut palm & fruit (Arecaceae) Takuuuu (Bouganville): Picture about coconut palms reaching to the Pacific Ocean in Samoa. Coco palms are also a male fertility symbol in Samoa.

Front Beach Fale's with surfing on your doorstep

Pegasus Lodges include Aganoa and Telo Island lodges in Sumatra. It has been converted into a boutiquesurf centre, but still has its traditional atmosphere and unbelievable position with a max. of 8 people. Aganoa' s founders, Keith Martin, an Aussie ex-pat and his team, are continuing the business with a new cook and windsurfing instructor.

The Aganoa Lodge on Savaii Island in Samoa is the ideal place for an unforgettable Surftrip. This lodge provides a relaxing atmosphere in a lush tropic haven encircled by pumpin', not crowded waves. Canoe out of your kale to get the right or left and enjoy the carefree outdoors of one of the coolest travel spots in the world.

The Aganoa Lodge lies idyllically off the well-trodden paths in the small town of Palauli. Aganoa Lodge is located on remote Aganoa Beach in a rain forest sanctuary with magnificent view of clean sand and wildlife. The Aganoa Lodge provides basic and stylish lodging.

Eight detached, detached chalets (bungalows), each of which is enclosed by a sight protection and should offer the guest a complete paradise. They each have a kings or queen-size, four-person, four-person, four-person, four-person beds, a separate en-suite bath room with open-sky showers, electricity, safes as well as en-suite veranda to relax or watch the sands.

If you have had a long outing in the sea or savaii, take a place at the seaside lounge, have a cold beverage and unwind while watching the game. The Aganoa Lodge on the big Savaii in Samoa is run by Keith Martin (originally an Aussie who came to Samoa many years ago ) and his Samoan woman Lanuola together with their kids and many employees.

Know Savaii's surfing better than anyone else and Lanuola takes care of preparing some of the most exquisite and savoury dishes available in Savaii - all products from the region that will whet the appetites of surfers. The Aganoa Lodge Samoa provides a mouth-watering and genuine gourmet meal kit for breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the seaside restaurants.

Local and long-lasting seasoning anchors a Samoan food mix with the West. And the unbelievable part about most pauses on Savaii (including the major breakout in front) is how approachable they are. Most of the stops on neighbouring Upolu call for a cruise to an outreef, while almost all of Savaii's shafts are a brief canoe from the sands.

With constant right and/or left within the 2-10ft zone, you can even browse Aganoa on Sundays (wink). More than 10 different kinds of wave are available within an hours car ride from the lodge, most of them within 30min. This is an ultra-consistent surging wave, with left and right working on most tidal surfaces.

The best thing about it is that the diversity of surfing provides many possibilities for all skill level. Aganoa Lodge surfing on a regular basis with its visitors. Aganoa: Right: Savaii's first waves and only a small canoe from the shore of Aganoa Lodge.

As Salani on the neighbouring Upolu isle, Aganoa Right is extremly stable and breaks much of the year and in all dimensions from 2-10ft+. Wedged on 2-3 different summits, the right one provides a empty pipe at the start, which is then walled into the inside and threads up again in front of the canal. Links: Also in front of the eatery in Aganoa and a small canoe from the right, the lefthand turns around the riffport and into a canal on the west side of the shore.

Only 30 min from Aganoa. This is a long, very funny 30 minute ride on the north-east side at the edge of an outreef ("still paddleable"). It is a little smoother than Aganoa while the shaft is running and it' ideal for most ability grades. In the course of his years on Savaii, Keith Martin has discovered a plethora of unfamiliar, unsurrounded "secret" spot.

Only reachable by bareboat and almost unseen from the bank, excellent passages through empty lines into sparkling turquoise waters. Although not always working, these gemstones are ideal for any skill and, once they' re learned, will offer a life-long vivacious and enjoyable memory to any golfer who' s fortunate enough to be there on the right date (and clever enough to take Keith's vows of secrecy).

I' m Coconut Grove: Coconut Grove is an hours drive from Aganoa and the dependable "hedge" against the "devil wind" that strikes the Aganoa Lodge home directly ashore is a lively set-up that is both enjoyable and frightening or even frightening. This means that every meeting at Coconut Grove ends in the same way - the amazement at the dark red volcanic ash, the coconut flavored waters (a present from a kind villager) on your mouth as an empty shaft after the empty shaft descends from the solitary outcrop.

Then, the eye patches (literally) continue for the return journey to the highway and the long return trip to Aganoa Lodge. Good surfing instructors understand the sea. An excellent windsurfing instructor knows his visitors. In Aganoa Lodge Samoa the Surfguides are the keys to their succes and are in charge of innumerable visitors who ride the best rides of their time.

At Aganoa Lodge we invest seriously in the recruitment and development of the best Surfguides in the game. Surfguides is all about security. At Aganoa, we continuously evaluate our security and riskmanagement process in liaison with best-in-class government agencies. Instruction, danger detection, gear, emergency schedules....the crew attaches great importance to security and ensures that your surfing adventure is the best there can be.

Aganoa is primarily aimed at surfer (only 8 at a time) looking for sure, not overcrowded surf, while Aganoa - like Savai'i himself - is also the ideal place for the group. Aganoa is a stress-free tourist resort with a range of outdoor and indoor pursuits such as canoeing, angling, snorkelling and more, both on the spot and throughout the entire islands, without the prohibitive prices offered by most of this calibre of cycling.

Combine this with the nice Polish civilization and the Samoa population - and you may never want to go home again. In Aganoa you can find ocean-kayaking boats for those who want to cruise the Laguna, catch kayaking or continue along the coastline. Only 10 min offshore from Aganoa is a wonderful fresh water basin at the base of a thunderous 100-footfall.

Angling: Rent a rod and toss it directly from the lake, or take a full or half days excursion with Lee, our fisheries specialist, to the best places not far from Aganoa. Take some dead or stolen nuts with you, put them in the blow hole and see them take off! Rent one of the many seaside boats from Aganoa and go down to the waterfalls.

Aganoa welcomes all its visitors with an old, Samoan festival known as the Fifia. In the course of the fia-fia, visitors can try every Samoan delicacies from the town of Pálusami to the subterranean pork oven. Get an afternoons off the waves and have a chat with one of the many matches from boccia and horseshoe to ping-pong and dart.

Compared to the neighbouring Upolu a lot of Savai'i is unexplored and the inner rain forests stay unspoilt and almost intact. The Aganoa region provides walks and environmentally sound guides through the rain forest or around the Silisili. There are many Pacific Nodes like L.A., Honolulu, Auckland, Nadi, Sydney and Brisbane to Apia on the Isle of Upolu, Samoa.

An Aganoa Lodge instructor will pick you up at the Aganoa Lodge and take you to the boat station in only 10 mins. It is a one hours drive from Upolu to Savaii. 10 mins. by bus to Aganoa Lodge. I had a great time at the Aganoa Lodge Samoa.

Being able to have the waves at the front was a complete option, but we didn't know that we were as much ruled by the flood as we as surfers thought they would be reading more..... Preparations for the journey went well and the boys had enough room on a Surftrip.

The Samoa is secure, welcoming and relaxed and this has contributed to making it an adventure More..... Part of paradise in a secluded part of Samoa. Magnificent host, great meteorology and cuisine. Surfbreak is right on the doorstep, just 100m from the sea. They were very straightforward, but I was able to test the waves while I was asleep.

Home-surfing guy there, Lee, was fantastic. It was great in the breakers and came on a few trips around the islands with Read more..... It was great going straight to Samoa.

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