Bora Bora Wedding Packages

The Bora Bora Wedding Packages

Explore real wedding stories now and request your individual offer. Ceremonialize your wedding in Bora Bora or Tahiti. Have our experts organize your wedding in the best hotels in Bora Bora. Many hotels and packages are available. Fiji-weekend packages and Fiji-weekend resorts.

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Did someone get remarried or go to a wedding in Bora Bora? I and my fiancé are remembering to run away in Bora Bora, and we're considering a Tahitian-style wedding service. Hello Sara, many of the resort offers wedding services and some have chapel in Bora Bora. Four Seasons, Intercontinental Thalasso, Bora Bora Nui & Le Meridien all have wedding bands and also provide beaches or personal motorcycle rituals.

The majority of other resort offers wedding services on the beaches. There are also wedding co-ordinators at the smaller resort. Take a look at their image/package sites and e-mail us for the different wedding packages/prices. A large selection of package deals are available at these destinations. A view of the Laguna and/or Mt. Otemanu, whether in a hermitage or on the water.

You can now marry in Tahiti on a legal basis. Non-committal ceremony is very common in Tahiti. Congratulations in anticipation! sunshine greetings, Sara, My fiancé and I are getting remarried next months in Bora Bora. We' ll get a legal wedding there and have a nice little shore fare. So if you want some information about what I need, please give me a PM with your e-mail and I will mail you what I have.

Me and my friend are also plotting an escape to Bora Bora. Please find below the Tahiti Tourism Board website with all the necessary information and a file to complete to download the Tahiti Wedding Registration Form. AYI: Your wedding must take place in the town council on the beautiful isle of your choice.

Then you can perform a "ceremony" on the shore or in a band in one of the resort. To make sure everything is in order before you arrive in Tahiti, I would like to urge you to work with a wedding coordinator at one of the resort. Lucky plans! Greetings, we were in the Intercontinental Thalasso in Bora Bora.

There' s a wedding band above the sea! Thank you for posting your wedding pictures they were great to see.

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