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For more information on entry and exit regulations, visit the Canadian Travel and Tourism website. Touristic Information - Cook Islands This is the official salute to Kia Orana (key.yah. + o.rah.

nah) ("May you live long") on the Cook Islands. Rarotongan International Rarotongan International is 4.5 km from the capital Avarua. The majority of accommodation offers transfer from the airports. Cook Islands have their own currency and banknotes, but these are lawful means of payment only within Cook Islands.

The majority of large hotels and dining establishments accepts VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club. However, please be aware that not all credit and debit card transactions are acceptable on the Outer Islands. The New Zealand Dollar can be bought at the airport, the ANZ or Westpac Banks or the Western Union Office in Avarua. You can send funds to the Cook Islands from anywhere in the Western Union through the Western Union Money Transfer Service.

The Western Union is the fastest and most effective system for transferring funds to and from the Cook Islands. The Cook Islands enjoys a pleasant, hot and sun-kissed weather all year round. From April to November, the arid season has an upper mean annual summer temperatures of around 26 degrees Centigrade.

Winters are from June to August, so you may need a pullover for the colder afternoons. Enrolment - Visitor need a good pass and a flight back. You can extend your study visit for up to three additional month. Visitor must have a legal pass and a round-trip or connecting flight pass.

Up to 31 nights do not require a valid visas. If you want to remain in the Cook Islands for more than 6 month, you must obtain a visitor's permit from your home country before arriving in the Cook Islands. New Immigration Policy allows New Zealand nationals to remain in the Cook Islands for up to 90 nights.

A New Zealand citizen is entitled to visit the Cook Islands without a visitor's permit for 90 consecutive nights after they arrive. Immigration allows New Zealanders to claim an automated subsidy for a further three month period under tariffs. Pensioners from New Zealand and their spouses can also receive a 12-month residence (with terms and conditions).

It was adopted as part of the fulfilment of the obligations of the Cook Islands and New Zealand Centenary Joint Celebration jointly endorsed by former Heads of State Dr Terepai Maoate and Helen Clark. The Cook Islands have declared their willingness to be more co-operative in awarding New Zealanders licences in a climate of strong working relationships and further heating of ties with the key government.

Driving License - You can obtain it from the Police Headquarters of the Cook Islands in Avarua on presentation of your latest driving license. Tariff - The borders to be transferred to the islands: Telecom Cook Islands is the Cook Islands' telecommunications operator. The Telecom Cook Islands is on the domestic highway that passes Cooks Corner.

The Telecom Cook Islands has two computer stands in its downtown and one in the post offices, available 24 hours a day, 7 nights a week. 24 hours a day, 7 nights a year. Banking - Westpac and ANZ and the Bank of the Cook Islands are the most important banks on Rarotonga. Westpac Bank has a subsidiary in Aitutaki.

The Westapc also has an ATM at the Aiport and an administration that is responsible for departures tax on cross-border departures. Most islands also have a Western Union bureau. Public transport - Airport/accommodation transfer will be arranged through your agents. Public transport through the city can be found on the island bus page.

Clothes - Loose and loose clothes, a cap and sunscreen during the summers, but a lightweight coat, or jumper, or sweater, may be needed for the nights, during the colder seasons from June to August. Languages - The offical languages are Cook Islands Maori, English is widely used.

Mains Waters - Cook Islands Mains Waters are not advised for consumption, so it must be cooked. Whilst some accommodation has filtrated waters, those who do not have the appropriate equipment can find filtrated waters throughout the isle. Fuji Image Centre for photographic development is opposite the Avarua Iceland bus stop.

Buying - Duty Free is less expensive in the Cook Islands than in New Zealand the Portofino Restaurant. There is a collection of traditional and modern wooden beads and jewelry, as well as woodcarvings, arts and crafts, painting and artwork. The Cook Islands could also be one of the most sought-after colourful postage stamps around the globe.

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