Islands near Vanuatu

Vanuatu Islands

Volcanic eruptions in Vanuatu intensify and cover the Isle of Ambae with dust and smok. Vanuatu's Ambae Islands Vulcano has once again started spitting coal and noxious fumes, and the Vanuatu administration is now considering the acquisition of lands to relocate the island's 13,000 inhabitants on a permanent basis. Since the end of last year, the population of Ambae's population has been threatened when volcanic outbursts of Manaro led to an island-wide emergency response.

The ash case remains a dilemma, and for three months the authorities have been negotiating to move the most affected towns to the western part of Ambae. Hilaire Bule, spokesperson for the administration, said that a change in winds caused by tropical cyclone Hola last months drastically exacerbated the effects of the ash spill.

"Ash has now covered the whole of northern Ambae. The flood of vulcanic rubble that has spread all over the islands has made the argument for sustainable displacement of the whole populace strong. Governments meet with the chieftains of the neighbouring islands of Maewo and Pentecost to consider the option of buying lands for displacement.

Mister Bule said that evacuating the Ambae population is not obligatory, but this could be changed in the next fewweek. "He said that if they want to go, it will be entirely up to the Ambae population. Photographs from Ambae showed towns and woods coated with a thick layers of cinder, ruined grocery yards and wastelands.

Rotary International has recently donated more than $450,000 to modernizing the country's hospitals and has been involved in the present crises. Rotary District 9910 chair Lindsay Ford, Norfolk Iceland, said that 400 20-liter freshwater refills will be sent to Ambae due to severe harvest losses and polluted waters.

Mr Ford said that he had heard about the death of humans. "We have been informed that four men have been killed on the islands in the last few day as a consequence of the volcanic and sour rains," he said.

"The ashes have affected all the potable water."

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