Best place to Stay in Bora Bora

The best accommodation in Bora Bora Bora Bora

The French-Polynesian Bora-Bora was the undisputed star of this year's list, as voted for by T+L readers. However, as with flights, you should book early to get the best prices! Familypension on a privately owned isle opposite Bora Bora

The 5-bungalow guesthouse Blue Heaven is situated on a small village opposite Bora Bora. The comforts are rustical; we provide overhead ventilators instead of AC, a cristal clear water lake as a poolside, intermittend WiFi, because we run the islands with sun energy..... You will have long snooze, swim & kayak on our beautiful reindeer or walk through the untouched splendour of the South Pacific.

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St. Regis Bora Bora Bora Bora offers luxurious accommodations with postcards of Mount Otemanu. Sleep in an above-water mansion with its own bathing platform, ideal for a sundown. 24 hours St. Regis Butler Service gives you the ultimative luxurious service. You stay four days and you' re paying three.

Marriage in Bora Bora Bora Bora

Which is the best moment for a marriage in Bora Bora and Polynesia? Polynesia has two different periods of the year - damp and arid. Rain comes around mid-November and lasts until April, although there is a lot of sun between shows. It is also a low saison in Bora Bora, so the price is the lowest during the rainy one.

Best conditions are from May to November, with steady hot sun ( and some downpours) on an almost everyday belly. The high touristic seasons are June and July, so this is the most costly period to get a wedding on Bora Bora. Where' s the best place to get a wedding in Polynesia?

Polynesia consists of over 100 archipelagos spread over almost 2,000 km of clear and clear waters. The Bora Bora's surroundings in a tourquoise-coloured Laguna are different from the rest, which is why she is also included in our marriage pack. But while Bora Bora is making the news, there are many other great ways to get a husband in Polynesia.

Please e-mail us or call our honeymoon staff on 01273 964 035 to discuss it. Which kind of marriage can I arrange in Polynesia? At Bora Bora everything revolves around bare-footed luxuries, so you can schedule an intimate marriage with tropic decorations. Much of the resort can put together weddings parcels that includes classic floral festoons, spot ribbons and couples weddings meal on the sundown.

Help you make every parcel so it' s just right for you. To get a legal marriage in Polynesia, you must do so: Do I need any documentation to get a wedding in Polynesia? Any and all originals must be presented to the Town Hall at least 60 workingdays prior to the date of the event.

Can you tell me how many nights I should be in Bora Bora before my flower? What is the procedure for arranging a marriages in Polynesia? You will receive all documentation about 70 workdays before your stay at the town council. Then your formal ceremonies will take place at the Town Council, with all packages as part of your formal weddings packages.

How soon can the official wedding be held?

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