Where to Visit in Tahiti

Sights in Tahiti

The best period One of the places that everyone should visit at least once in their lives is Tahiti. It is a tourist resort that can be described as a paradise tast. Tahitian images are often the culmination of the lists or suggestions for the best beach, the most beautiful paradise or the largest remote resort in the word.

The Tahiti is the biggest of the islands of France. Tahiti is the best place to go for any opportunity you have. The best period for a visit to Tahiti is between May and October. As you prepare for a holiday in Tahiti, get yourself prepared for a sample of the sky.

Tahitian temperature is fairly constant and ranges from 21°C to 31°C (70°F to 88°F). During the high seasons, the temperature averages 77°F (26°C) and ranges from 70°F to 82°F. Its most important condition is the wet period. It rains most in January, with the wet period, from November to April.

In December as well as in January there will be about 12 inch of rains during the course of the months, which leads to the highlights of the wet seasons. In May and October are added at the end of this cycle to round off the entire harvest. May 1st to the end of October is regarded as the high tourist seasons, which is also the best times to visit Tahiti.

Throughout those seasons, the temperature is mild and the rainfall has eased, resulting in an enormously relaxed area. Chilly breeze, fabulous weather and an exotic landscape may make you look for ways to describe Tahiti simply as a place to live. Tahiti's biggest yearly Tahiti Fest, known as Heiva Nue Fest, takes place in July.

Beaches, swim, snorkelling, scuba-dive, kayak, cave-drive or simply lazing around are enjoyable in the arid time. To Tahiti is a goal that constitutes an experience of paradise. For more information about Tahiti, please contact the Tahiti Tourism Board.

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