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Wellcome to Rapanui google satellite map! Rapu, the chief archaeologist of Ma'u Henua, points to a map with the platforms behind the collapsed wall. Explora Rapa Nui on Easter Island, Chile What is special about this property? Select list; Map & Location.

Have you got pictures of Rapa Nui?

found 35 antique astronomical maps around the globe showing the origin of one of the three solar eclipses near the Pleiades.

The Google Earth observational resource, when looked at from the skies (picture credits) also verbal transmission of what was transmitted by the Rapanui offspring, but above all new impressions that compare with Wayne's worldwide first civilization stellar map and test whether it matches my quantifiable CI-theory.

This is a collection of the most inspirational facts about Easter Isle and new hints I have collected: 1 ) There are two major types of statues: common individual moai that appear mysterious and randomly graved around the periphery of the isle, with generally only heads and collars, seeming to be nearly 800 and of medium mass between 30 and 40 tonnes.

You are the guy shown in the picture at the top of this page. 3 ) Some Moai are considered as , the greater diversity that stands on a specific site named Ahu. Can the moai do the same, but the round shapes are flat and not upright? This is the site of the foundation of the first Easter Island civilization.

The majority of Easter Island is not mentioned at all as holy hills. 6 ) Of the holy sculptures only one Ahu-Plattform named Ahu Nau Nau, which has 7 Moai, is placed beside the holiest group of three hills and is situated at the place of the first settlment in Anakena, the âplace of the beginningâ.

The Ahu Moai all observe the skies, but they look into the interior, all but one Ahu, the Ahu Akivi also with 7 Moai. They observe the west sea and are also surmounted by Pukao. 8 ) There are woodcarvings showing a cluster of an animal that is half human, half birds, just like the star-obsessed Egyptian worship.

One of the Pleiades' historic symbol's key features is the close clusters of the Pleiades, to which I believe it has a link. 9 ) It was quite astonishing that at first sight the unrecognized icons correspond to other antique civilizations that were not even known.

10 ) There was also clear proof of the possession of the star goddess with some stonecarvings and her oldest scripture in the Scriptures named Ronga Ronga Ronga. Rapanui people's largest âhiddenâ notes seemed to be lacking in the most beloved Easter Island textbooks. In the following pictures the picture of the two Moai has series name and was shown in a newer color picture fully grave.

It is the same Moai that were shown in the following movie from 1915. In the picture below you can see how much of the moai are dead by photographing a figure between the statues to show the area. It is logical to bury most of the moai anatomy that the artisans so carefully cut just to bury it.

This moai is adorned with nice engraved icons and also has long thin branches and long hair. These alone speak bands and if this is not persuasive enough, the two large icons on the back of the moai are of the same subject and type too. Through coincidence have two distinct civilizations on opposite sides of the globe, one in the center of an oceans, with the same penchant for solid woodcarvings and showing the same icons, history, styles and looks is whopping!

Have a look at the sculpture of a man dug up at Gobekli Tepe It has a similar quadratic skull, a large long nostril and a long jaw line. The picture below shows a Moai up to his an essential reference to a catastrophe entomb! Here is another apparent hint, many of the Moai have half their body hidden, but have obscured corners.

Here on Easter Island something catastrophic happened and it was not an euck. The picture below shows the Gobekli Tepe Megalite and the sculpture above the Moai sculpture RR-001-156 for reference. The" M"" icon is displayed below the"" icon, while the"" icon, which Gobeki sees as Orion", which observed the west horizon" placed it above the"" icon.

The first thing that came to mind is that the âMâ icon could be here and it would be true if they were to celebrate the same celebrity I was looking for the appropriate âOâ the crucial sunset of the old found all around the ball. Now it would be important to look for other cases on the isle of the four-line icon and see how it matches something else with , the odd bird-people cults.

There' s a sculptured cliff on the western part of the archipelago that gives ground-breaking evidence of the significance of the most visible symbol: that for the skyline and what has been judged on the skyline. The first thoughts are they have small icons I knew they had, which was like ¦ (turquoise stars) and three different locations too, as if it was a documentation of a large coming in its proper cock pointing upwards locations over a properly curvilinear western or eastern horizontal.

It could be the first example of how the terraculture company's bended earth layer that inspired the Moai icon was document. There' s another image of the bird man's companion (green) a group of bird man, which I believe could be a Pleiades image (lowest part of the group) Orion (upper part of three) and a group of three, the Trinitarian possession I was looking for (with three yellows dots).

Pleiades are in an orientational state that the face of man perceives as erect. It indicates that the side of the cliff observed the west skyline because the Pleiades would look like this and the other side of the cliff with the comets observed the east skyline so that the terrestrial curves and cocks are the same.

Shortly before dawn is the right moment on the skyline to search for comet. In the picture below, see the birds that can be found all over the isle. Subsequent to this settlement here you will notice the Easter Isles Godhead holding a ¦ just like in Egypt and Gobekli Tepe. Gobekli Tepe Tier either Leeppard or Chestnut was also considered a statue of the Egyptian beasts.

Isn' t it likely that these old civilizations were influenced by the inconceivable, something that scientists hates with a great deal of enthusiasm, something that has been formally ignored in the university' s past, because it would mean a recast of almost everything that they have been proud to protect for hundreds of years. of the wreckage around the moai.

If this was the end of the great Easter Isles era, it was likely. Despite the deities, they probably began to overthrow the last Moai and according to notes this went on for a long while. They were overthrown by the last survivors of the last of the islands during the visit of great discoverers in the eighteenth centuary, when the islands suffered another catastrophe.

The picture below shows the pictograph glyph of the Rapanui text âRonga Rongaâ almost identical to the Naxi Dongbba-text. They both seem to use the stellar pattern itself and the birdhead man as a verbal oration. Notice that the Naxi Doongba text has three intersections as asterisks, perhaps next to a group of six markers.

Ronga Ronga's Easter Island text also has two very popular signs in text that speak of their heavenly gods by using a group of seven points and a group of three points in a series and a group of three half-moons in a series that resembles the masks that the Rapanui folk wear in the ceremonies (see the lilac figure below).

There' is a very interesting connection of text to something I have explored in the history of the Christ stellar map: three units of three stars together mean three sages. I have suggested the Magi, who are the three coming from the Orion region when you find the place of the Christ of Christ âBethlehemâ.... the Orion belt as a holy space hand.... the `forgotten' Church Crib.

Or do we see proof that a universal master is walking through old civilizations. Things were the odds that template looking like the number â3â that wraps around the eye, perhaps the aviary swings that correspond to the aviary heads gods seen below and are seen again and again in stonecarving that follows.

Two hints on the stonecarving, which use a â3â icon, it is also possible that it could be a cock, as if in the air. However, it was only much later that this icon was proved to be orienton when I recognized its significance as a birds goddess on another moai.

In the picture below the birdmask â3â is shown twice next to the man with three yellows points, which indicates that it was taken on both skylines with this common design and is recorded below the skyline with the coming datum set. Comparing the half moon-shaped eye in the face masks (purple) with a part of the Ronga Ronga text picture (above) that uses three half moons as the same face when talking about their heavenly deity.

Show half-moons as faces in double sense of the place where the faces come, at ¦ Welten, which are connected with the âsolâ stellar, the sun-like stellar, which becomes quite clear in the course of history. Last interesting icon is the umega icon (orange), but this is for a later date with worm-hole theories that will take away the river of this arc.

When we compared the icons on the back of the moai in the previous picture of the site and the website showing more pictures, it was clear that the Easter Islanders had exactly the same clear star possessions as all other old civilizations. At the moment, the first thing to consider is that their lyrics have expressions, just like the Egyptians who speak of deities from heaven and their canoeing.

It' all very well for learned people to shun the star-goer assumption and say that their superior came across the Oceans as they do, but that mocks their own ability. Archeologists seem to be avoiding the points on the moai as asteroids and are looking for more land-based approaches. This Moai representation below is the'not of this world' breach here.

Vogel's representation with leaves in place like the number 3 seems to depict Orium with the heavens and a navy of celestials above the west skyline, while here a particular sun-like stellar is standing on the stern. Old Egypt also found the place to gauge asterisks is done only on the skyline.

The comets are judged over a few ribbons, as in mauve on the mai, as in the preceding skirt revealing of , it is likely that this multi-line of ribbons is the ¦. Most holy apparently to the Rapanui ¦ the western horizon. This is another mai with birds and orienton in the right place.

We' re going to test it all on a sidebar and see what we find under the skyline, where the odd McDonald's âMâ look is portrayed. These findings alone are of great importance to justify the validation of the stellar map assumption. Comparison with Angkor and above all see how the clearest rays around Perseus show an "M" formations in their right alignment when it slides below the skyline.

Notice also that the center of the'M' has an elongated lower line..... another opening.... it goes directly through the Perseus'arm', which is aligned with the Pleiades. It all makes perfect ingenuity and is very easy to know how important this area of the world is. This was ¦, but would these gems represent the never-before-seen M-configuration.

Each Moai has the mystical, fixated, trance-like view directly over the skyline. Other than one, all the moai on the Ahuâs are also looking towards the north and ¦. That must be an important hint, because we have another group of seven Moai, which once all had cobblestones on the Ahu AKivi.

I' m firmly believe that the seven Pleiades seven star are here portrayed by the seven magnificent Moai, as a group of bird-people rightly portrayed as asterisks. ¦ he looks a little over the skyline and keeps a few options open.

Because of the view clearly above the horizontal, it was unlikely that the sculptures looked at the arriving travellers. One of the apparent choices here are either for the comeback of their gods or the motion of the heavenly body in the to observe the celestials. First group we see here are the three hills in a line as they can be seen on the map in the east part of the isle.

Looking very carefully at the picture, especially on GoogleEarth, there are very light tracks of what might once have been an area around the three hills. Only a few month ago faerybook distributed some new pictures over the entire length of the Moai, which were the most widespread.

One hill near the shore has a small dam to a lone moai (marked reddish and enlarged) The Ahu Nau Nau of seven moai have an arrangement and direction that can also be observed. It' done to be compared with the plan of the map of the stars, as you can see in the animated picture.

Though not the brightest of the old charts topics, as seen in Egypt and Stonehenge and all the others, it still has a floor-plan that is much better, considering what we have seen so far. There was a badge they thought Orion was important and Perseus the location of for the most part a solo badge on the skyline or two of a group of three together and they are right next to the Pleiades.

So it is sensible to look at the three hills here that represent the three sun-like star I have depicted in the complete star map. It is not only that the Pleiades with the Ahu, which aligns itself with the ascending and seated Pleiades at particular, unfamiliar observation periods at dusk at a certain season, are very appropriate.

It was taken in the jungle of South Guatemala in the 1930' s, according to Julia-Levy, and shows a 51 foot high, beautiful cut face to the sky. It says it is from the period between 3,500 and 5,000 BC. Observe the resemblance with the Rapanui statue.... head-style and inclined towards the sky.

Have a look at the Gobekli Tepe sculpture and see the resemblance of the quadratic skull, the pronounced jaw line and the look. The particularity is the link to other listed antique sculptures, which suggest the inconceivable. On top of this missing memorial are humans! To tell a very personal tale... but not just any face.... one that for some occasion has a very quadratic one.

There is also a singular detail on the brow of the sphere and other goddesses of the sky (gods connected to stellar stars)..... will this new sculpture have something on its brow showing how the spirit unites itself to the universe spring through space snakes.... will there be a group of pyrramids similar to the Pleiades' orbit?

If you like movies like Ancien Aliens and UFO documentaries, they all like a very particular log..... first, to keep it a secret, and second, not to show clear details of the stars cards. Indeed, when they briefly refer to one part of the map of stars, they actually show representations so imprecise and misrepresented that they obviously do not want this history to be clear.

These were the Olmecs and their sculptures represent all breeds of beings that came from heaven, as well as the very popular huge overhead sculptures of a certain line in Africa. In the cases under investigation, this stellar system suggested that we developed from monkeys to progressive man before we colonized other sunsets, such as our own.

The whole decoded detail with the starry sky is new. Obviously it was an effortless practice to measure her to see if she bore similar references to what I decoded in other old civilizations. Now is the time to ask the final questions, and I have asked this before: how have all these old civilizations that you see here in this history had the same history?

Were it civilizations traveling over incredibly long and arduous stretches around the world, to meet other alien civilizations with a alien tongue and share their history, which would be a rather far-fetched and far-fetched history to hawk in another one. There is another thing to be added to this . Have all the old civilizations lied about their and if how have they all invented the same great lie of all times?

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