Aleli Jewels

Alyle Jewels

Some new jewels to seduce you. You can read an encouraging and useful interview with Maria, the owner of a successful jewelry store, Aleli Jewels. Aleli Jewels' most versatile midi / ankle ring with small diamonds. Tinkerbell costume by Aleli Yap in Las Pinas, Philippines. Allows XS per day, but fits on small-medium jewel leggings:

Alyle Jewels

It'?s a nice ring! I' ve got this wonderful minimalist play by Aleli Jewels. Mary, the shopkeeper, says that her goal in the creation of the label was to supply the women with top-of-the range goods at reasonable costs. And she actually did! Her design is really nice and attainable.

Please let me know what you think of this nice item and whether you have any if you have any glove cream suggestions :D. Aleli Jewels HERE and my play HERE Have fun with your purchase and speak to you soon!

Ties Tops & Dresses - Fork & Frill

Today we are talking about one of my favourite tendencies of the season: deep-front EVERYTHING. I' m alllllllll about the ties front trendy that' s going on right now, and it's not tough to see why. Some of the best things about this tendency is that there are so many varieties to it.

I' ve purchased a few ties this year and now I only need 504359879 more. One of my favourite places for ties are Revolve, Nordstrom and Lulus. Admittedly, these are three of my favourite shops in general, so this should come as no real surpise. Ties front t-shirts look great in skirt, short, distressed Denim and black top.

Ties front gowns look stunning with denim coats, chocks and willowsacks. I' d be investing in at least three ties this year just to give you a few choices. Ties front shirts and gowns look good on all kinds of bodies because there are so many different variations of this one. Whatever you choose to do, you know I am 100 per cent.

I' m totally possessed by this Nordstrom necktie dress.


Let's discuss the latest fashions - especially the pyjama and how you should be wearing it in early summer! The simplest way to make the pyjama fashionable is to look for the right fabric. The best materials are in my opinion satine and sateen. The top of me is a silky pyjama top, which in my opinion looks more relaxed than sateen.

Whilst it is not inconceivable to make the pyjama fashion for trousers, it is much simpler to restrict it to a top. The pajamas are a breeze. There are tonnes of pyjama styled pajamas that are a breeze. Often, putting on trousers takes more of your finishing touches, make-up and higher-heelers.

When you are a woman in a rush and just want to toy with the fashion without having to spend too much thought on how to keep to the pyjama top. And you can almost exactly like any old key up styleen - I just mated mine with plain jeans and some nice boots.

There are some pajamas in the sidebar below that you can add to your vernal look with little work! How do you feel about the pyjama thing?

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