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We' ll spend more time on Ulva Island, take you further and show you more so you can get the most out of your visit! Find out more about Ulva Island. Toxic bait stations are used by water taxis and excursion boats to prevent rats from entering the island.

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It is our most appreciated hike for lovers of the outdoors and birdwatching. Take a stroll with great commentaries on prehistoric rainforests, flora and fauna, Maori and Europe's culture. Look at the scarce Saddlebird and Yellow Head and try to discover New Zealand's smallest fowl, the rifle shooter. We have either 4.

Five-hour, less by appointment. Full-length tours take us for an unforgettable stroll to The Snuggery - a quiet cove on the south-eastern shores of the island of Ulva. We' ll be spending more in Ulva Island, taking you further and showing you more so you can get the most out of your stay!

Find out more about Ulva Island. Isle Saddlebird, Yellows Head, Stewart Island Roby, South Island Sagittarius, Red-headed Conure, Yellow-headed Conure, Stewart Island Worka, South Island Caca, Wooden Dove, Common Crab, Common Crab, Tuui, Carrion Bugle, South Island Tomtite, Fan-tailed Greybird, Parrot, Morepork, Kingfisher. Canary. cormorant island cormorant, Spot Cormorant, Rat Cormorant, Little Seagull, Red-billed Buzzard Seagull, Spectacled Octopus.

Sea lions and seal furs from New Zealand can sometimes come to Ulva Island. "We have the privilege of having enjoyed the whole of our time on Ulva Island with a single individual who has a limitless understanding of the island's wildlife. Thanks for everything you have been sharing with us.... we open our doors to the astonishing subtleties of Ulva.

" See your guidebook at Golden Bay Wharf 10 min before our sailing times. Take our sea taxis to Ulva Island, for an 8 - 10 min cruise, looking for casual sea birds. Arrival at Post Office Cove, Ulva Island to explore the island's hiking paths. On the way we take a brief 5 - 10 min break before we return to our boats to drive to Golden Bay Wharf.

We hike from Post Office Cove, Ulva Island to Sydney Cove, West End Juntion, Boulder Beach and back to Post Office Bay. During some excursions we visited Flagstaff Point. In the mornings hike the major paths (see above) and stop for lunches and a break at Sydney Cove.

The Snuggery or stay on the major roads in the afternoons. New tour: a short afternoons, $130, depending on availabilty. U$ 00 per person). Accompanied hike, aquatic taxis, nature conservation charges, administration charges. $1.00 per capita spent to our conservation fund. SEK 18. 00 per capita (optional or to be brought along).

SZ $6. 00 one way or NZ $12. 00 returns per group. Important: a) Half days tours can be arranged for 2 or 3 people with NZ $15.00 p.p. Supplement b) If your reservation is less than the min. for half or full days, please make sure that we have reached the min. or we can make reservations while we are waiting for further reservations.

In the off-peak period slightly shortened tours. Well-groomed dirt roads - light hike with stairs and small sections of beaches. In high or low seasons, we can offer shortened tours or tours suitable for arrivals and departures by air or water. Starting this year, we are hoping to offer a trip from 12.

In high or low seasons, we can offer short tours or tours that are suitable for arrivals and departures by air or water. Advance reservation is advisable.

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