Treasure Island Fiji Map

Fiji Treasure Island Map

The Treasure Island Resort, Treasure Island Bild : The Treasure Island Resort, Treasure Island Bild : The Treasure Island Resort is located within the Mamanuca archipelago, west of Nadi. Iconic Fiji resort is easily accessible from the main island of Viti Levu, perfectly located in the stunning Mamanuca archipelago. Mamanuca Islands Fiji (FJI).

The Mamanuca Islands Treasure Island of Fiji

Treasure Island, like most of the Mamanucas, is a favourite place for full-time excursionists until May 2016, when they completed their outings. Treasure Island can only be visited if you have reserved their accomodation. One of the largest maps for this island (at least for me) is the excellent snorkeling directly at the shore in front of the resor.

Indeed, it is good all around the island, and since there is a protected area 400 metres off the coast, you can also see a lot of underwaterlife. When you take the South Seas boat, it only takes about 40 minutes to reach Treasure Island.

When you just want to get out of there quickly with your own yacht, you should reserve a Mamanuca Water Taxis. Click on the following links to view room type and more information on Treasure Island Accommodation.

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Situated on a reef and sandy island, 17 km from Nadi International Airport, on the famed Mamanuca Islands, Treasure Island is one of Fiji's most beloved destinations. The children's offices are also a place where the youngest visitors can learn about Fiji civilization and the surrounding area, as well as the island's famed tortoise farming programme.

It also has a refined dining area and lounge, a breathtaking bridal band and a wide range of recreational and culture-facilities. Located 17km from Nadi International Airport (NAN) on the Mamanuca Islands, the complex is surrounded by luxuriant rainforest, palms and sands.

The Treasure Island Resort is situated in a colorful and lively sea reserve. From Nadi Airport or Denarau Island, Fiji, it is only 15 min. to the Treasure Island Resort. An airport transfer is provided for an airport transfer to and from the helicopter landing field, which is 2mins. You can take a transfer by ferry from Vuda and Denarau Marina.

Vuda Village offers dayly shuttle service from Vuda Harbour. From Nadi International Airport it is 20 min. to Vuda Marinas and the shuttle to Treasure Island is 25 min.

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