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Yigo and Dededo are the most northern and populous villages. ""I was born in Guam, but I am entirely American. My grandparents on both my mother's and my father's side served in the military. Vernon P. Perez.

of Guam Maria T. Cenzon.

I' m From Guam & Here's What Trump's North Korea Threats Mean To Me

The proverb says that Guam is "where America's days begin". I was raised on the Isle and recently attended my deceased grandfather's funeral. My little piece of paradise made headline news on the international scene this weekend, when President Trump's threat against North Korea was the main goal of the hermitage empire of Guamhe.

Guam, with its indigenous Chamorro tribe, is quite Americanised. It was a melt-in-the-mouth, multi-cultural Pacific cooker. I was raised there with a kidhood that looked like a quintessence: I saw Nickelodeon and MTV, had Pizza Hut and went shopping at K-Mart and Macy's. It is far enough from the continent not to be regarded as much or near to the hearts - unless our country is escalating its North Korean conflict.

Then on Twitter he cautioned that the army is "fully in its place, closed and charged if North Korea acts unwise. "Kim Jong-Un, their chief, has reacted with further menaces - especially against Guam. But it' one the Guamans could afford to be in.

Will he react in the same way to North Korea if it threatens Mar-a-lago or New York City, for example? Guam has become a chessman in the diplomatic sphere, or the absence thereof. It' easy to understand - Guam is indeed of great value (remember the Second World War?). It is my sincere wish that the Presidency really does care about the Guamese, among them ten thousand troops and many others who live here, and not just its emblematic place on the world stage.

And Guam is looking. It'?s the whole wide open. Before the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) divided the land into two parts, my deceased grandpa, who was in Our Lady of Peace Memorial Gardens on the southern side of the Isle, had been in Kaesong in North Korea. All I can ask myself is whether I will unite the North and the Southeast.

Guam is more than a "military base", as the Guam visitors report in the press. l had a granddaddy in Guam. Since the destiny of the Isle is in the rulers' hand, I know I cannot bear to loose anything else - least of all Guam, my piece of paradise.

Kos Im was raised in Guam as an immigration of the 1st 5th generation from South Korea.

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