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Samoa probably offers the most possibilities of the Pacific Islands for the eco-traveller. West Samoa is independent, while American Samoa belongs to the USA. Upolu is the main island in Western Samoa and its capital is Apia. Being your local connection in Samoa Samoa, we make your holiday experience a local experience. Samoa's second largest but most populous island, Upolu is home to the bustling capital Apia.

Island, Samoa

Upolu, most populated island of Samoa, in the South Pacific. It' located opposite the Apolima road from the island Savai?i in the south. It is about 46 mile (? 74 km) long and 16 mile (? 26 km) wide. It has a dense wooded inland, fruitful coastline and a humid tropic weather; here one finds the threatened fruit bat and various kinds of tropic avian.

Island produce includes electrical parts, beers, cigars, coir crèmes and oil, cocoa, cocoa and tarot. area, 421 sq. m. (1,091 sq. km), includes off-shore islands. 143,418 thousand (2011), which includes off-shore islands.

Upolu Travels

Charming Upolu may be small, but it's enormous in terms of choices. Upolu is home to the Samoan government's main tourist destination, the Samoan government's Samoan government and the state' s largest military base. On the 35 km long journey from the airfield to Apia, where a parade of cleared houses, inappropriately large cathedrals and rattling orchards line perhaps the slower motorway in the whole wide globe (speed limitation 40 km/h), most people get a first insight into this area.

The majority of tourists visit the shimmering sandy strip of the south coast of Upolu, with excursions into untouched off-shore lagoons that are home to colorful reefs and shoals of seaweed. The essential To Sua Ocean Trench draws those who love the surf of their lives. Upolu also has its part in the Terra company's treasures: the inland intricate rain forest, rugged coastline rocks created by the coolness of streams of lava as well as intriguing crater and den.

Apia's city pleasures should not be ignored, not even if you feel like one or the other boomie, film or the best eateries in the state.

The Samoa Upolu Island Escape | Tours

When you arrive in Upolu you will be welcomed by a point-of-care agent and taken to your accommodation. You can collect your rented car after having arrived at the guesthouse at noon. You' ve got some bikes to do! The area around Upolu Island is relaxing so you don't have to hasten!

Are you here to unwind, why not just relaxing on the shore or swimming pools or snorkeling on the shore? On the underside is an acquamarine basin, which connects the two boreholes and can be reached via a wood stair. You will checkout after your morning at the hotels and take your rented vehicle to the airports in good season.

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