Swain's Cay Lodge

The Cay Lodge of Swain

Swain' Cay Lodge, Bahamas. Swain' s Cay Lodge This is a cold beverage in your hands and a soft wind that seems to be coming directly from the angel's wing. and you' re sittin' on your arse sippin' fruit beverages. Stand up, walk and touch down one of these solid bone that will test your resistance and make you pray that you will have enough support or a thick tree node if you do not.

Okay, we'll be frank, Swain's Cay Lodge would be quite a sight to behold, even if we weren't fishing, but we are, so it's a questionable point. Swain' s is located near South Bight and the legendary Middle Bight of Andros Island. Swain' s has the best native leaders who know just the right place for the winds and tides.

There is also a boneful shallow water area on the shore, so if you have a fruit beverage in your hands, you'd better have a pole close by, because you won't want to miss a hit on one of these smart clubs.

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Website Phone: 242-369-0296Fax: 242-369-0297Swain's Cay Lodge is the ideal place to be... Swain' s Cay Lodge is situated on a bright sandy shore with shimmering palm trees and ginkgo waters that show every shadow of bluish and crayfish. We offer many thrilling experiences with the best bonefishers in the whole wide range of bonefishers and the best independant guide.

There is a large selection of cheap angling packs and we even have a Bonnefish apartment right in front of our lodge! You can also enjoy snorkeling near cliffs and big wildlife, snorkeling near blueholes, kayaking and bicycles for our guests to discover the islands and sandy areas. We are the perfect option for groups or pairs who like to enjoy a little bit of activity and just relax under a big oak and swing in a stroller.

When you are looking for a marriage or a perfect marriage venue, our beautiful weddings and honeymoons package is heaven. We have a warm and welcoming staff to help you organise your unique event with a beach party and a delicious bridal party, including the use of our lodge exclusively for your party.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon at Swain's Cay Lodge.

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