Travel to Norfolk Island Australia

Trip to Norfolk Island Australia

Safe road travel on Norfolk. UND provide a steady stream of sugars* on the island. Trips to July 2016 - Norfolk Island Forum Do I need a valid travel document to travel from Australia (Australian citizen) to Norfolk after 1 July 2016? Smartgates in Australia can no longer use your ID card when you re-enter Australia. Flight schedules will continue to depart from Australia's major airport hub.

This was verified to be completely safe and I was consulted by the Border Force representative on Norfolk Island as follows.

"As of July 1, 2016, services between Norfolk Island and Australia's continental shelf will become national. Flight departures and arrivals will continue at the airport's main airport. Australians do not need a passport or visa when they travel to Norfolk Island. However, a photo ID, such as an Aussie driving licence, is requested by custom and the migration authorities.

Hello, My request concerns travel insurance for a journey to Norfolk Island after 1 July 2016....Usually it is considered by the insurance companies as an international journey and insured accordingly. However, under the new Australian management, it will be considered as national and private insurance (if necessary) and Medicare will enter into force on July 1.

Now, my comprehension is that interstate travel underwriters are providing medicinal coverage etc. until you get back on Aust. Ground of your journey when Medicare slices in and they then get off. So, apart from cancellations, luggage compensation, etc., what kind of coverage do you need? This seems to be quite complex, as these are internal but different from internal routes.

In the meantime, it may be good to see if your regular travel insurer has certain information. Hello, From 1/07/2016 Medicare will be covering Norfolk Island, so the only travel policy you will need to be covered for baggage, cancellation of air travel etc.. When you have an emergency medical vehicle, this also applies to Air Outpatient Clinic in the event of a catastrophe that cannot be treated on the island.

Cheers, the air travel would be classed as internal as Norfolk Island will be subject to Australian continental taxes, welfare, immigration, custom duties and so on. You would leave the IMF because the only airlines currently providing services are Air NZ. Currently we can take intercontinental services to local routes, but the ticket does not allow exemption from tolls.

Sadly I didn't see that and my pole was'only guessing' that' that' that' is predicated on the present flight attitude within the continent (always a disappointment to have to harvest through the 100 ml of fluid on board directive but not a little toll free premium lol). I' m assuming Norfolk Island is a slightly different matter.

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