Google Maps nz North Island

Maps nz North Island

Start your journey in Auckland, New Zealand. New Zealand Google Maps with search. Ultimate two-week South Island, New Zealand itinerary. I use Google Maps as my main planning tool for budgeting our travel times to make sure I'm on the right track. Then you can publish to Google Maps to share your photo balls with the world.

New Zealand Google Maps with search

Below the card shows the land New Zealand..... Then, click on the personal symbol at the bottom right of the New Zealand card and you will see a panoramic image of this area. PLEASE NOTE: Ross dependency in Antarctica is a claim of New Zealand, but is not covered by these figures.

  • Nördlichster Punkt is Nugent Island on the Kermadec Islands. - South of the island is Jacquemart Island in the Campbell Island Group. - The easternmost point is Forty-Fours/Motuhara, just off the Chatham Islands. - Most westerly point is Cape Lovitt on the Auckland Islands. - On the north is Surville Cliffs at the North Cape.
  • Southmost point is Cape Palliser. - The easterliest point is the East Cape. - Its westernmost point is Cape Maria van Diemen. - The northernmost point is Cape Farewell. - The western-most point is the West Cape. The nearest place to Australia is the Resolution Island in Fiordland, a 1,491 km (926 miles) away.

New Zealand's Auckland Island and Macquarie Island in Australia is the closest link between the New Zealand Empire and the Australia Empire - a total of about 617 kilometers (383 miles). The highest point in New Zealand (and Australasia) is Aoraki / Mount Cook with 3754 meters height.

New Zealand has 24 summits over 3000 meters above sealevel. They' re all on South Island. North Island's highest volcano is Mount Ruapehu. New Zealand's deepest point is the Taieri Plain at -2m below sealevel. New Zealand has two timezones.

  • Its principal isles use New Zealand Standard Time (NZST). - Charatham Island in the Orient uses the Chatham Standard Time (CHAST). - If you click on a town on the lefthand side, you will get a Google Map & Streetiew. - more cards of New Zealand. - Viewing pictures of New Zealand.

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