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Florida Marquesas Islands

Boat to the Marquesas Keys. Dive Marquesas Atoll You will explore different types of Florida fishing, and challenge your Florida Keys diving skills at Marquesas Rock. Quicksand snorkelling off the Marquesas Islands overlooking the captivating shipwreck Arbutus, Mel Fisher's sunken ship. These series of islands offers smaller boats with an avenue to and from the Marquesas Keys. The refugee islands in Key West NWR are all part of this system.

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Marquesas are really an avatar just south of Key Western, which, as some say, was made by a prehistoricalteor. The majority of the atols are the decayed peaks of old submarine volcanos, but not the Marquesas. Whatever they are, what we know for sure is that they are inviting for snorkelling and angling and they are not too far away for boaters to get to them for a great outing.

Marquesas look like a ring of low-lying islands with bush and mangrove cover. When you can enter the islands, you will find a lively lake and excellent angling and snorkeling. Be careful if you don't have a flat craft or canoe, as there are only certain small deep canals for your craft to get in.

On our first trip to the Marquesas, we moored the ship off the islands and walked in to discover the pristine sands. It seems that the Marquesas are the place for the Cubans, because what we found were deserted ships driven by automobile motors, clothes scattered across the shore and bottle of sodas with coloured stickers.

It all began as a funny trip to a beautiful tropic isle, but turned out to be an experience with the dark realities of today's world. When you go to the Marquesas, you will probably not just be arriving a few months after a large landings of Cuba' displaced people (as we found out later), but you will find unspoilt, unspoiled islands of nature, with apartments and a main camp that you can visit forweek.

And on a quiet outing, the journey only takes about forty-five min by ferry. Take the Lakes Passage from Key West, which leads from the central port to the west. You will see several mangroves west of Key West, preceeded by canal markings that mark the Lakes Passage.

The Lakes Passage ensures trouble-free sailing even on a breezy night, as it is sheltered by the islands and the water is very flat (stay in the canal!).

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