Atlantis Cruise Ship

The Atlantis Cruise Ship

A epic cruise on the largest ship in the world with great entertainment, spectacular parties and uninterrupted fun. We' re taking the last shuttle out of Atlantis and made it to the ship in time. Also will Atlantis get crowded if the cruise ship travellers shed in for the day? The Atlantis Aquaventure is a Disney Cruise Line harbour adventure in Nassau, Bahamas with aquarium, water park and beach resort. See Majestic, by Atlantis Cruises.

Discover the fascination for yourself

On one of the most spectaculairy and best shaped ships in the whole wide globe there is something for everyone to do. Featuring 28 state-of-the-art lofts and 2700 roomy cabins, this 17-deck wonder demonstrates that the possible is attainable. You' ve got to see it to believe it, and you won't believe what Atlantis is doing to make it a truly fabulous one.

There is so much wrapped up on this great ship that words are just not enough. This is how we made it simple for you to take a "virtual tour" of the Allure with Google StreetView. All you have to do is click on the links below and you will have the opportunity to see practically every kind of open area. These pictures are not from Atlanti's customers!

Not to mention: our most favourite cruise treat, Bosdwalk Dogs! At the crossroads of Comedy Club, Jazz Club, huge Casino, Blaze Night Club (specialty and after-hour), Studio B Ice Rink and the biggest Broadway-style theatre at the seas. And, of course, there are our two-storey night club featuring stunning views of the promenade, called DaZES.

Wander through the garden, eat lunches at the Parc Cafe, and go shopping at the Britto Stores during the afternoon. Book an invigorating dinner in one of our three delicious speciality hotels in the garden! It is the ship's largest internalgymnasium. Take a 24-hour coffee or pizza in our 24-hour cafe, rummage in the stores with goods specially made for Atlantis, try karaoke in On Air or give your nights in Bolero's a little sizzle.

There are many possibilities on the world's biggest open-air play area at the seaside. There are four unmistakable swimming baths offering a wide range of places to enjoy the Carribean tan, from the frantic sports basin to the invigorating beach. If you want a little more fun, go to the back of the ship, where two FlowRider windsurfers, a full-size volley ball course, a miniature course, six-story cliffs and this wacky zipline will tempt you.

You will find everything from spoiling to pumps in the two-storey, two-floor, fabulous health and wellness centre. The biggest seaside spas offer many therapies, with the latest massages, hydromassage and much more. Unique world-class gymnasium with state-of-the-art strength exercise machines, high end cardiovascular facilities, specialist courses from spin to yoga and the longest course on a boat.

With seven totally unique "neighborhoods", allow the ship to revolutionize ship interior decor. There' always something to entertain on the biggest ship in the canal. ranging from our four-story Twin Rocks to the thrilling Flowrider windsurf simulator, you'll find things you won't find onshore. Play volley ball or basket ball on the biggest playground at the seaside or just enjoy one of our jacuzzis overlooking the oceans from the side of the ship.

There are four striking areas on the huge swimming area, among them a "beach" swimmingpool and sports centre. Like all Atlantis cruise ships, you are always welcome to eat whenever you want. Sunbathing Café - Fresh, wholesome and wonderfully tasty breakfast and lunch. Stylishly equipped oversize cabins with en-suite balcony and seating.

They are equipped with all conceivable conveniences that invite you to unwind and take in the views. By the time you get home to take a break, you will find one of the most advanced and well-designed cabins on every ship. Each room has large full-size TVs, pillowcases with high end linen, en-suite bathroom and the personalised services that make it one of Atlantis' favourites year after year.

Take a look at the two-storey loft suite with room-high doors, a large lounge and a solid terrace. There are other suite rooms throughout the ship offering roomy accommodation in various sizes to suit every tastes and budgets. Each suite (grand and higher) offers entry to the magnificent and upscale concierge lounge with night tea and cocktail, a personal breakfasts and the service of our experienced concierge-teams.

How will the political groups be? Featuring more locations than Atlantis has ever had, our events will be more varied, dramatic and funny than any other Atlantis cruise. All our solid T-dances take place in the AquaTheater and the evenings take place either in the solarium or in the Aqua Theater.

Every location will be illuminated with Atlantis, blinding laser, flaming videotape, epic sounds and some unprecedented visuals. This solarium at the front of the ship is one of the most ideal rooms for a celebration we have ever seen, with a completely new look for 2019. Indoor we are offering a lot of gorgeous late-night nights and specific Studio B and Blaze shows, as well as some funny and inventive Dazzles features.

The AquaTheater, solarium and promenade are suitable for all of our activities and we plan our programme accordingly. So how do I find my boyfriends on a ship this big? Atatantis has always had great names on our cruise ships and will be continuing the traditions on the Allure in 2019.

Realistically, a 20,000 seater performance will not suit a cruise ship (and is not in our budget). We plan to present several recognisable brands on Allure, along with some of our signature Atlantistainers. the unbelievable high dive show OceanAria and the amazing Blue Planet - the biggest show ever produced on a ship.

I don't know why I want a glimpse of Central park. The Central Parc is one of the most attractive rooms ever built on a ship with luxuriant landscape design and soft illumination at noon. According to your tastes, the views into the garden are an inviting, mostly windless way to sit and relax at the terrace at night. There is always something to see (in contrast to the dark sea view).

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