Scuba Diving Kauai Forbidden Island

Diving Kauai Forbidden Island

Each dive provides something to remember off the Hawaiian Islands. The monk seals, grey reef sharks and a trip to a forbidden island? Favourite dive sites on Kauai. Diving in Kauai is an unforgettable experience due to the variety of marine life and diving geography. There is no visit to Kauai complete without an adventure on the coast of Na Pali!

AMBZING Scuba DIVING - Review of Niihau - The Forbidden Island, Kauai, HI

Traveled with Fathom Five and had astonishing diving. There we saw black seal, sandbank shark, speckled rays, minke whale and dolphin (as well as a boat load of nice fish). The best dive I've ever done. Guess telling you you can't go to an island increases the appeal.

However, diving is really the best thing I have done in Hawaii and probably elsewhere. I' ve already rated Fathom Five for the dives. From Kauai you can see the island and Lehua Rock. This island looks sparse. I' m not sure there'd be much interest in spending much of my life on the island itself.

When you have the opportunity to go snorkelling or diving, do it. Since we were a few hundred meters away, we gave an information lecture and took nice pictures. From a few hundred metres away, the island looks very sparse and "simple". You' re hit when you stare at an island that doesn't allow too many humans in this one.

It is not possible to reach the island, but diving around the island and Lehua cave is astonishing. So we did a 3-dives ("air", then 2 Nitrox). Monks seal came by every time. Came to Ni'ihau for a three-dive with Port Allen's below-bubble.

It' the Forbidden Island because it is forbidden to end up there, but diving in the coastal areas is well known. And the culmination was the Monk's Seal, which went swimming with us. It would not be my best diving holiday, but it was very pleasant and Below offered her customary high degree of services.

Were you in Niihau - The Forbidden Island?

Diving Tours in Kauai

Kauai's water is home to some of the best dive sites in the whole wide open water paradise with stunning dive sites, stunning dive sites, stunning dive sites, stunning dive sites, stunning scenery, stunning views and stunning coves. Kauai Dive Trips are available for qualified and non-certified scuba diver. PADI, SSI or NAUI dive guides guide all dives on Kauai.

Select between a midmorning or evening diving in the water of Kauai's sands. A first class site here is Sheraton Caverns, which was awarded as the best cave diving in the avalanche. Alternatively, drive to the neighbouring island of Ni'ihau.

It is not open to tourists because it is in private ownership and there is no industrial sector to talk about. It is so untouched that a Ni'ihau diving trip is a truly extraordinary adventure - a place few humans will ever see.

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