What Time is it in Western Samoa

The time in Western Samoa?

Cumulative update Windows for Samoa as they skipping Friday and changing their time zones - Satisfy Me Like I mentioned in a previous article, Samoa will shift its time zones this weekend and travel mainly into the near term.....

When' s December 30 not December 30? If it'?s in Samoa in 2011. You may have heard that Samoa has chosen to move forward in time to join its western neighbours and trade neighbours on the International Date Line (such as Australia and New Zealand).

Samoa will move directly from 29 December to 31 December this year. "Only this once will Samoa make December 30th go away. "It is the most important move in the Pacific Islands nation's plans to move from the east to the west side of the International Date Line and to link its working weeks with two of its main trade counterparts, New Zealand and Australia.

"We lose two working day a weeks in our New Zealand and Australian business," Stuff.co. nz cited Samoan Prime Minister Sailele. "Samoa leaves directly from 11:59 p.m. on Thursday until 12:01 noon on Saturday. "This was not controversial," said the publisher of the Samoa Observer, Mata'afa Lesa, today.

This is a switch from -11:00 to 13:00 and a shift of the name of the message for +13:00 timezone (Nuku'alofa, Samoa). At the next bar after December 29, 2011 at 23:59:59, Samoa's channel offsets to +13:00 via channel MTC. The next bar is December 31, 2011 00:00:000.

It is important that jurisdictions work towards a smooth transition to new daylight saving time and time zone directives by offering a comprehensive one year or more prior notification with a public announcement of the proposed changes. The changes at 12:00 can affect system incidents that sometimes happen at 12:00, such as backups, access to files, or other automatic work.

However, I envisage that it would have been a greater challange in Samoa with this amendment if 30 December had only lasted a few short and hour. On December 30, the paper quotes "767 deaths and 43 deaths have been registered", I understand the accident.

Like other changes in DST and time zoning (such as the recent Russian changes mentioned here), this will require an operating system upgrade. As well as changing the Samoa default Samoa time offsets from (UTC-11) to (UTC+13) - changing the time band name to" (UTC+13:00) Samoa" - we have made further changes since the last semi-annual Windows time band cumulation updates (in August):

" This paper proposed that the user should switch to a "bypass time" of Kaliningrad time. For the relocation, this updates to MSW makes it durable by adding Minsk to the Kaliningrad default time name. Kaliningrad's new default time is"(UTC+03:00) Kaliningrad, Minsk. "E "E.Europe Default Time: The screen name for this time area has been changed to "(UTC+2:00) Nicosia.

" Default Bahia time[display name "(UTC-3:00) Salvador"]: For Bahia, Brazil, a new window time area has been established. UTC+12:00) Fiji"]: The majority of apps and downloads refer to the basic operating system of Microsoft for their TC and DST policies, with some notations. In Samoa, this transformation has the capability to have a global impact on time credentials for multi-national clients.

Upgrades will be important not only for Samoa residents, but also for the attached system around the globe, especially for the close regional alliances.

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