How to Fly to American Samoa

Flying to American Samoa

Are you looking for a cheap flight from Kenya to American Samoa? Samoa seeking to renounce Germankabotage Lolo Matalasi Moliga, the American Samoa government's president, says that the development of the German Bundeskabotagegesetz requires the abandonment of tourist activities. Kabotage regulations prohibit the operation of international airlines between two US-airfields. Throughout the years, American Samoa has worked to ensure that international airlines such as Fiji Airways or Air New Zealand can fly from Pago Pago to Honolulu or Los Angeles.

Samoa-based state carrier Polynesian Airlines has been running the territory's internal services under U.S. Department of Transportation's 30-day waiver agreements since 2014.

bringing your dress on airplanes guide

Click here for details on how to get your UAV on board an aircraft. If possible, all UAVs should be carried in hand baggage. Alternatively, if your UAV is over $1,000 and you can't take it on the airplane, you should ship it with DHL, Fedex or UPS and fully insured.

Do not place UAVs in your hold luggage. Dronebatteries should be placed in a medium sized lipo-battery pocket, as shown here in the left picture, and put into the airplane in the carrying-case. They are classified by airline companies as "dangerous goods" and the regulations that surround these cells in airplanes are very stringent because these cells have caught fire several times.

If you do not correctly package lithium-ion battery in a case such as the one shown in the above links, the carrier may confiscate it, impose a fine on you or refuse to carry it.

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The Samoa Air, which opened in 2012, asks customers to indicate their own weights when making their reservations, which will then be calculated per kg (2.2 lb) depending on the lengh. Although the company introduced the scheme last November, it attracted interest last weeks when the company started flying internationally to neighbouring American Samoa and came up against the release of a study by a renowned scientist from Norway on overweight travel.

Some of the world's most common bariatric islands, many of them in the top 10, according to the WHO, are located in the Pacific Islands. According to the latest WHO 2008 WHO bulletin, Samoa ranks fourth, 59.6 per cent of the general public is regarded as overweight. Under Samoa Air's latest timetable, up to 1.32 WS$ (0.57 $) per kg for internal travel and 2.40 WS$ (1.03 $) per kg for the only internal Samoa to American Samoa travel, approximately 250 mile.

$154.50 for a one-way 150 kg air travel. The price for kids under 12 years of age is 75 per cent of the price for adults, depending on their size and age. Obesity luggage is billed at the same rates as the passenger's own body post.

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