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Questions about travel planning? Are you looking for ideas for things to see and do on the North Island of New Zealand? Must be on every North Island route. I' ve been in New Zealand for almost five years, the overwhelming major part of it on the famous South Island, mainly because I live in Wanaka, but also because I just can't get enough of the outdoors. The longer and longer I stayed in New Zealand, the more I longed to see more of the North Island and to travel to new places.

On many levels, it seems like the cliché of "real New Zealand" with larger towns offering a more locale atmosphere with a lot of cultural life, while the South Island can definitely be more touristic, cleaner and more fortunate. Talking to my boyfriends here often, how life in Wanaka felt like such a bladder, so far away from the whole land and abroad.

and I was hungry and prepared for a North Island highway outing. I was on a quest to go back to the places I went for the first time years ago and to explore new ones, and I am now more interested in going back to the north than to the southern hills that I so much like.

I had the opportunity in August to take a motorhome route around the North Island with the Motorhome Republic, which I recently discover. The Skyscanner of motorhome rental all over the globe is what I call it because it searches all motorhome rental pitches and then collects the results to make you the best offer.

From Auckland I collected my truck and immediately made my way southwards to Mount Maunganui, a place I had wanted to explore for years but never reached. One of my favourite pastimes, especially in New Zealand, is to have the liberty of a motorhome. It was a wonderful experience to spend five whole day discovering new parts of the North Island and visiting some old places on my camper tour.

I really had the liberty to travel where I wanted without worry or worry and to fell even more in love with this part of the universe. These are some of my North Island roadtrip highpoints. On the North Island, one of my favourite pieces is the three breathtaking vulcanoes that explode in the centre of the island.

Living in Wellington, I passed these hills several of the time, and they were almost always cloudy, which only teased me for the single glorious days I saw them glow in all their splendor, which occurred only once when I made the Tongariro crossing a few years ago.

Can' take a North Island route and jump these hills. Wherever you go around the North Island, it's difficult to overlook some of the lovely indigenous bushes and luxuriant fern around the country. My favourite haunt is easy to access, the redundant woods wander in Rotorua.

Take a woodland stroll on every North Island tour. There' s no lack of breathtaking, gorgeous, epic falls in New Zealand and the North Island is no different. Affectionately called "The Mount" by the local people, it is definitely a place where I could see myself live, especially as it was a T-shirt and no shoe rain in the midst of nowhere!

My Roadtrip with Motorhome Republic ended in Raglan, a place I haven't been to since my first move to New Zealand. Through Tauranga I eventually learned about the elms, one of the oldest historic places in New Zealand on my North Island tour. It is a 1847 ministry building, a breathtaking Georgia home and a place of early contacts between M?ori and P?keh? in New Zealand.

One of my favourite places in New Zealand is Rotorua. Known often as a gem of New Zealand's wild thermal wonders with luxuriant forest and riverbeds, a town full of geysers, cooking sludge ponds and poisonous seas that devour the skins of your bodies before you squint, Rotorua should not be missing on any New Zealand itinerary.

They cannot speak about the North Island and they cannot recall all the lovely seas that spread across the country, small and poignant. Eventually, my favourite part of the journey was when my good pal Brando, whom you could recognise as the first ever man on the whole New Zealand coastline, suddenly chose to accompany me on my journey for a while.

Where' s your favourite place you ever visited on the street? What is your best choice for the North Island? Thank you for the RV Republic for taking care of me on this journey, as always I keep it realistic, all views are my own, as if one could ask less of me.

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