Islands around Bora Bora

Bora Bora islands

Experience the experience of Robinson Crusoe on his lonely island, rent a truly heavenly island. bora-bora-private-island-beach. Societal Islands, Bora Bora Enjoy the sunny weather, immerse yourself or just enjoy the luxurious luxuries of one of the many wonderful resort on the isle. Discover the Blue Laguna of Bora Bora during this funny and thrilling diving roller trip. When you arrive, you will be given your security and instruction manual before you start your 30 minute personal ride on the water bike under the wonderful waterfalls.

It has a clear glas sluice with continuous airflow that makes it easier for you to breath while driving this one-of-a-kind car. At the end of the aqua bike part of the trip, there will be a stopover for snorkeling and exploration of the area. You will end your trip with a return trip to the dock.

Notice: This trip includes a modest amount of activities to be negotiated with a few easy moves to get on/off the bus or get on/off the yacht. It is not recommended for people with reduced handicap and wheelchairs. It is recommended that visitors take a bathing suit under a blanket with riff or sneakers, sunscreen and a hand towel with them.

Guest must be at least eight years of age to take part in this trip and at least 16 years of age to use this sub-sub. To take part in this trip, a written and undersigned disclaimer is necessary. Sequences of tours may differ. Use of this route depends on meteorological condition. Explore the breathtaking scenery of the Blue Bora Bora Laguna, one of the most stunning lagoons in the whole wide open sea during this snorkeling and motor picnics game.

Leave the jetty aboard a privately owned lake cruiser for a picturesque trip across the Blue Bora Bora Laguna. It is three time the size of the island's landmass and provides an unparalleled variety of blue and cyan. On your ferry trip you will travel along the west coast of the islands and have a wonderful view of the Bora Bora mountain area.

There is an exceptional sight near the barriere wall as the boating team draws and nourishes innocuous black tip whale shark and benign frost. You can watch the show from a ship. After exiting the coastline we continue to a privately owned fishing paradise, or moto, for a pick nick with regional dishes, followed by an occasion to chill out and enjoy the wonderful South Sea scenery.

You will end your cruise back to the delicate jetty with a riverboat picknick. Notice: This trip takes a small number of walks, but visitors must be able and manoeuvrable and able to get on and off the vessel with a two-step guide if they wish to take part in aquatic activity.

Mask and snorkel (no fins) are provided, but they are of fundamental qualitiy; we suggest that visitors take their own. It is recommended that visitors take a bathing suit with non-slip rubberized footwear or aquashoes and take a hand towel, sun cream, cap, sunglasses, bottle of running cold running pool and a caméra.

Sizes of the boats used vary depending on the number of participants, but a minimal number of passengers is necessary for this group. It is recommended that you have your own gear, especially your flipper. Explore the Bora Bora marine life on this aqua safari. Following a security information and a cruise to the diving site you step into the waters.

Return to the top and return to the jetty before heading back to the docks. Attention: This trip is advised for those who are in good physical shape and do not experience cardiac problems such as bronchial asthma, claustrophobia or difficulty getting on and off a horse.

It' for those who cannot swimm, but is not suggested for expecting mothers. This trip is not for wheelchairs. Carry a swimsuit under a blanket and aquashoes and take a bathrobe and sunscreen from the boat.

The whole gear is provided, but the guest can take their own masks and snorkels. Guest must be at least 8 years old to enter. The route and the order of places you will visit may vary and the execution of this trip depends on favorable meteorological and marine factors. It is strongly recommended that you take a watertight single-use watertight video surveillance system with you from home.

There is a limit to the number of seats available; we recommend that you make your reservations in order to prevent disappointments. Explore Vaitape, Bora Bora, the'Pearl of Polynesia', in an exiting new way during this thrilling off-road insular game. The Vaitape is characterized by the high summits of the three hills and is encircled by a wonderful lake. On the way there, the Führer explains the US military on Bora Bora during the Second World War.

We continue through the Faanui Valley to admire the luxuriant exotic landscape of the inland. The landscape continues to the north of the isle and the Fitii county in the south. On the way there, your tour guides will point out the attractions and stop to take pictures of the area.

Completing this Bora Bora off-road experience with a stop at a dark bead factory before heading back to the Vaitape dock. Attention: This trip takes a reasonable amount of hiking experience, but passengers must be able to get in and out of the coaches. This is a trip over rough, rugged ground and is not suited for people with back and nape ailments.

This is not advisable for people with reduced handicap and wheelchairs. If you are prone to biting, take sunscreen and insecticide with you. The use of this trip is conditional on a min. number of 6 participants per car. The weather and/or the resulting unfavourable traffic situation can influence the route and the stations.

Enjoy Bora Bora's natural beauties and historical past on this orienteering trip across the islands. This is the largest of the temples of Bora Bora and in antiquity Polynesia was worshiped here. Next, you pass the US tanks reminiscent of the South Pacific in World War II, and then head to the Belvedere Lookout, where you have a breathtaking view of the Laguna.

The trip ends with a trip back to the Tenderpier in Vaitape. Notice: This trip includes a modest number of hikes and some rides on rough terrain. Passengers must be able to get in and out of touringcars. We do not recommend this trip for people with back or nape problems, reduced handicap or wheelchairs.

Since the Bloody Mary does not guarantee that the pub is open, the beverages are not part of the package. Anyone who wants to shop at Bloody Mary must pay the bill directly to the Bloody Mary restaurante. It is the perfect trip for those who are interested in the marine environment around Bora Bora but would rather keep out.

See the wealth of marine Polynesia without getting soaked by the comforts of a glass-bottomed cruiser on a picturesque cross. See your tour guides on the jetty and your glassbottom vessel. Start your trip in the Bora Bora Laguna overlooking the yacht harbour. It has a glazed area below the surface, which offers a much better panorama than just looking into the canal.

Sheltered from the heat of the day and dazzle so you can take better pictures. Whilst the emphasis is on the undersea tour, the views of the Laguna and the Isle from the boats are excellent. Back on the isle, the glassbottom vessel will take you to the Tenderpier.

Notice: This trip demands a minimum of activities and is designed for people with reduced movement who are able to get in and out of the boats on 2 step. Do not forget to take your camcorder from the vessel, your bottle of hot and cold weather. The glassbottom vessel can accommodate up to 22 people and is roofed; all seating is used.

Beyond the classic glassbottom rafting, look out to the stingrays and shark dancing under the canopy. Combination of game watching from the ship with snorkeling on this unique lake adventur. Leave the Tenderpier and see your skipper at the dock. Climb the roofed 12-person glass-bottom vessel and start your adventures as you head into the Laguna.

Approximately 10 min, your vessel will stop in 25 feet of ('eight meter deep') aquatic environment where sharks are common. It has a glazed area below the surface, which provides a much better view than just looking into the sea from above. Sheltered from the heat of the day and dazzle so you can take better pictures.

The next stop will give you the possibility to observe the stingray from the ship as well as from the stern. After that the glassbottom vessel takes you back to the quay. Notice: This trip takes a modest amount of time, but the guest must be able to walk, swimm and maneuver in and out of the vessel with a two-step stair.

Do not use for persons with reduced handicap or wheelchairs. It is recommended that visitors take a bathing suit with non-slip rubberized footwear or aquashoes and take a hand towel, sun cream, cap, sunglasses, bottle of running cold running pool and a caméra. Snorkel and mask are available to our visitors, but we suggest that you take your own gear with you.

There are no flippers, please take them with you from home. The glassbottom can accommodate up to 12 people and is roofed; all seating is used.

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